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Lazer HP Question


LawnSite Member
Chester, IL
I'm looking to buy a 2007 HP with a 46" deck. I am having trouble deciding on which motor to get, the 19HP Kawasaki or step up to the 23HP Kawasaki. There is an almost $900 difference between the 2. The dealer said the 19 would be fine but I might not be able to mow flat out with it ( I doubt I do that anyway with the shape of my yard). I'll be mowing about 2 to 2 1/2 acres, all relatively flat. Help me decide guys. I'm glad I found this site!!


LawnSite Silver Member
19hp is fine for a 46" walk-behind, but I think you would want the 23hp for powering the added weight of the Z.


LawnSite Member
north alabama
I bought my lazer z hp about 5 weeks ago. It has the 19hp kaw engine. It seems to have plenty of power to mow as fast as I am willing push it. The grass is not at a full stand so when we get the full summer grass I may have to slow down a bit. Seems to have plenty of power.