Lazer HP Spindel Question

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Allens LawnCare, Mar 1, 2007.

  1. Allens LawnCare

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    Can someone tell me if this is true, My Exmark Lazer HP has very minimal play in the spindels. I mean you have to really apply pressure to get any type of wobble out of it....I was told they are $98 apiece for the whole unit. (And I need 3)..when its the bearings not the whole unit. Has anyone bought just the bearings at a local auto parts store....Did that work???
  2. XB 2002

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    I have a 60" Lazer (2003 model w/144hrs ) and I just replaced all three spindle bearings ( 6 bearings ) for about 70.00 bucks. I ordered from J Thomas online. Now, some say that they won't hold up, but my factory ones only lasted 144 hours so what do I have to lose ? Yes, I have washed my machine, but never with a pressure washer. Only one set was really noisy, but I figured while I have it down I would do all three. Good Luck.
    XB 2002:drinkup:
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    I replaced my spindle bearings in my viking for around $120 with OEM. If your bearings are FAFNIR RA100RR7 E8728, I know of one website that sells that exact bearing cheap. I also called TORO dealers for this bearing but they wanted $50 a bearing (eXmark and Toro are the same part number).
    Its the top left bearing
  4. Allens LawnCare

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    thanks.....just trying to save $300
  5. LCPullman

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    If you are dealing with ball bearings (most newer Exmarks and Toros have ball bearings), you should be able to buy them at the auto store. (I personally would go with OEM bearings though) You don't need to replace the whole unit unless the spindle housing is damaged.

    Tappered roller bearings are another matter though. You have to get a matched set with precision machined spacers specifically for the spindle. I have an old toro walkbehind with tapered rollers and once thought I would save some money and buy the bearings from the auto parts store. I wound up burning up the new bearings after half a hour of use.

    Its too bad few manufacters use tapered roller bearings any more. My overall experience is that as long as you grease them properly they will last alot longer than ball bearings.

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