Lazer HP wheels and tires for sale

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by BigDave, Jun 5, 2004.

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    As posted in this thread,
    I have bought new wider wheels (12" wide) and tires for my Exmark Lazer HP w/ 52" deck.

    So, my stock wheels and tires are for sale. They only have about 50 hours on them. Of all things, on the last time I mowed with the stock wheels/tires, one of the tires developed a leak. :(

    For pros (unlike myself), having an extra set of wheels and tires are nice for an emergency, or for having aggressive tires one on set of wheels and turf tires on another set.

    The list price of the wheels are $70+ each, and the tires cost about the same each new. I will take the best offer.

    I live in Reisterstown, MD, in the Baltimore area. Though I could possible ship them, it would probably cost a lot. Home #: 410-526-6342; cell #: 410-627-2075.

    Picture attached.



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