Lazer Mulching & Gator as double blade?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TLS, Nov 1, 2000.

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    Anyone use a Gator on the bottom and an Exmark Mulching blade on the bottom? (or vise versa)? I have the DIRECTOR OCDC and can close off the discharge. Was thinking of trying this setup, but thought I would ask everyone their opinions. Of all the discussions about double blade setups, this combo was never mentioned. I have the blades but didn't get a chance to try it yet. This will be used on my new 27hp LC 60" Lazer.

  2. Vandora Lawn & Landscape

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    Where did you get your director OCDC?
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    Tom, That's what I run is the High lift mulching blade with Gator Magnums on top. Works great! I have a vented chute cover that I made that attaches with pins and hairpin keys. That works well for mulching the piles. For mowing though, it plugs and I get too much blowout out the front of the deck. I want to build myself an OCDC for next season. I plan to use an old edger blade control for my handle.
  4. A universal manual choke control found at auto stores makes a simple and effective OCDC control.
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    I got the OCDC (The Director) and the EZ-Striper from Ask for Dave Burchstead. Tell him I sent you. They were $250 for the roller and $175 for the director. I have digital pics of this if you give me your address. I don't know how to post them here. They need a button here you just push for adding an attachment just like e-mail.

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    To post a picture here all you have to do is upload it to a website or picture site and post a link to it here. It is all explained if you click on vB code. It is so easy, even I can do it. :)
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    Thats the problem, where do I get webspace. Not everyone is good with html and java like you. I think it would be easier if Chuck changed the programming to allow for a certain size file to be posted directly, just like e-mail. Wether its a pic or whatever, just no .exe files to keep it virus free.

    How has your Yanmar been starting when cold? My friend has a 50hp 72" that takes forever to get started. His has the heated intake, no more glow plugs. Plus his battery is the same as a gas powered model. By the time the intake heater is hot enough, the battery doesn't have enough juice to crank it over! He has an enclosed trailer which makes it even worse (smoke and fumes).

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    I use for uploading pictures to. If he had changes made to this new software to provide easier picture posting, it would cost him more $'s. The way it is now, the pictures aren't stored on LawnSite, we just provide a link to load them on a post when viewing the post. The way your talking about would eat up more server space. Maybe we need to start up a photo thread on the Off Topic forum this winter and I'll try to help you all learn how to do this. Anyone interested?

    My diesel is starting fine. I have had to preheat using the glo plugs, but it has started fine. The Yanmar in my JD I have started it at as cold as -15 degrees sitting outside on my trailer, but it does have a 650 CCA battery the size of a small car battery in it. I think they should put in a bigger battery on the XXWD5000 if he is having this problem. The coldest I have started my XWD2600 is in the 30's so far. I did notice it doesn't fire up as quick as the JD, but again, that is probably due to the battery size.
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    I ran Exmark mulching blades on the bottom and standard gators on top. This is on a 52" Lazer Z. This was my favorite blade combo. Tried a few other combo's, but this one worked the best for me.
  10. Redmowers

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    I hate ask stupid questions but what is an OCDC {the director)?

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