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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by bdemir, Feb 3, 2000.

  1. bdemir

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    Im ready to buy a mower and i keep hearing about how dixies are more durable. Lazer zs seem to sound good but seems like everyone has problems with them too. What kind of problems do you have and how many hours on your mowers. I hear that exmarks have lower center of gravity and they leave a nicer cut but if they break then id rather have one that cuts not as good but keeps going. I also hear that dixies are hard to steer and that they are old technology. I know exmark is a more comfortable machine. Trying to buy the right mower.
  2. Eric ELM

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    Bdemir, I guess Lazer is playing the waiting game on this one, so I'll go first. I have 2 Choppers, 1 is 6 years old and 1 is 7 years old and I had to take 1 back to the dealer 2 years ago for minor engine repair, which cost $40. It still ran fine at high RPM's, but it idled rough. Total hours on the 2 added up are around 4,500 and I have no immediate plans to replace them, because they both run too good for that. As far as steering hard, I can't imagine anything steering better. They did come out this year with VTC, Velvet Touch Control steering, so I suggest that you go and try them out. The new seats on Choppers are very comfortable. Because of all my back problems, (2 back surgeries) I bought one of the coil spring seats and I have had no problems operating them all day long. As far as the cut, I keep reading posts saying the Exmarks have the best cut and I have asked these guys to please send me a picture of their lawns so I can see it for myself. Nobody has sent me one yet, but if someone has lawns that have a better cut than mine, I would like to see them.<p>The best thing you could do is try both brands out on your lawns and see for yourself which brand is best for you. As I’ve said before, my dealer sells both brands and if the Exmarks have a better cut and are cheaper, you would think he would use the Exmarks instead of over 30 Choppers that he uses for his own lawn service. <p>Whichever brand a person has, in their mind, it is the best there is. It’s the only way they can justify buying it. Demo them both and you decide.<br><p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
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    I can not beleve you exmark and dixie guys have not said more in this discussion!The last time some one asked this question a battel started!Is this for real?<p>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care<p>
  4. Evan528

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    I own a toro z master wich is the same as the lzer z..... i have nothing but praise for this machine, it cuts incredible even in wet grass and has one of the smoothest rides on the market. as the for the quality it is built very heavy duty....has a great hydro system that uses sythetic oil. ( a big plus). i have only had this machine for about 5 months so i cant tell you long term but i have talked to many ownwers of this machine who have put it through hell and back and it has exeeded there expectations. my apinion is to go with the toro/exmark.
  5. HOMER

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    Old technology? My 2 Choppers may be old tech. but I've had Lazer owners (DIE HARD) that were like some of the others around the forum, that were quite impressed with that old stuff when we put them side by side! I know of some choppers in my area that have been running now for over 10 years. The company that had them first ran 7 days a week from 7am to 7pm. They sold the business along with the mowers and the old tech mowers are still going strong. That is one of the reasons I went with the Dixies. Another reason was after I asked a guy that owns both Lazers and Choppers what he liked the most, it was Chopper. He also added he would not buy another Lazer. I have never owned a Lazer so I can't make a good judgement on one. I did however demo one once and thought it was a pretty good machine, but I was comparing it to a Scag Super Z! The choice would have been simple between those 2.<p>Try em' both and pick the one you like. Keep the maintenance up on whatever you buy and you should get good service out of it. <p>Remember, you are the one that has to live with the decision, don't let any of us make it for you. Them darn payments come regular you know!<p>Homer
  6. Keith

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    Just like the others have said, try them both. I have used Dixie Choppers on a couple of occasions and they are good mowers. I almost bought one last summer. I also looked at the Lazer, and a Bobcat but I bought a Kees ZTMax instead. It is really similar to the Lazer and I like it so far.<p>As far as which one is best, either in the hands of an experienced user will produce good results.<p>
  7. bdemir

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    Well i went to my local dealer to buy a lazer liquid cooled and they ran my credit and i forgot that i had a block put on my report for privacy. So when i went home to call the credit agency to unblock it and i thought maybe it happened for a reason. I took the chance and looked in the trader and ended up buying a used dixie60&quot; for only 3700 dollars with 900hours on it. I changed my mind about old technology after seeing that everything is more accesible and built much more sturdy. It has an oil radiator a hydro radiator a turbo and two hydro filters. Looks like its built to last on the inside. I must say the dealer was trying to sell the exmark and just swore by it. I had to persuade the sales rep to side with me on the dixie. he said that around here exmark outsells dixie 10 to 1. Well i thought maybe because you keep standing in front of the machine and keep pointing to the exmarks as only the best. I have an exmark hydro walkbehind 60&quot; they are good but the riders have some of the features built really cheap. For example the fiberglass cover for the liquid cooled. It just will break in two hits and that is where the radiator is under. Also some of the frame in the back of the mower is really thin and held together by little screws. The dixie just is heavy duty and it cuts diecent too so i am very happy with my decision and something tells me i skipped the junk and went straight to the good stuff.
  8. Eric ELM

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    bdemir, sounds like you got a good deal. :)<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>
  9. Charles

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    The mechanics at my local dealer swear by the Exmark lazor. They say they have rarely had one come back except for maintenance. I have owned one for 6 months and no problems so far. I don't think you can go wrong with either the Dixie or the Lazor. Unless you get a lemon. The only problems I have seen on her refer to the older kohlers. But the Lazor is almost as perfect machine as you can get.
  10. Lazer

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    Charles~ true words of wisdom there!<p>Now, the real question: For our new mower this year: a Lazer 72&quot; or Lazer 60&quot;?<br>

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