Lazer or Inkjet Printer


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What do you use to print invoices? Seems to me that I change the cartridge of an inkjet printer often, let alone that the cartrifges are expensive. I was looking towards getting a lazer printer (since we only print in black) to save money in the long run..what do ya'll think?


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I use an inkjet. Recently I found that has off-brand ink cartriges for 1/3 the price of the manufacturers--like $10 for 1 or $50 for a 6 pack. They are new and guaranteed to be of the same quality. Everything ordered from outpost is tax free and free overnight shipping.

To reduce the amount of ink you use, have you tried printing at a lesser quality or higher speed ? this will usually lay less ink. Paper selection in the print window (use your normal paper, but select glossy in the printing window) and it should use less as well.


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I've got a Hewlett Packard LaserJet 6L. Haven't had to replace any cartridges in 2 years. Great print quality.


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Laser is the only way to go.. You don't have to worry about smearing and all that



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buy a used laser. they are very fast and cheaper in the long run. they also don't smear, important if you print envelopes. I got my brother from re-pc (search on the net)I can't remember if it is or what. anyhow it prints 17 ppm at 1200 dpi so I can do flyers etc. and it only cost 300 bucks. You can probably find used computer stores in your local yellow pages. Just make sure you see sample printouts from the machine before you buy.


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Get a laser type printer with no less than 2 megabytes of ram or preferably 4 megabytes. The extra memory will speed up printing company logos and other graphics.


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I use an Officejet 600 on grayscale econofast setting and the black cartridge will last maybe 6 months. I also have a HP laserjet 6L thats been sitting around for the past 2 years if I can figure how to hook up two printers and find some drivers for it maybe Ill hook it up.

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