Lazer or IS Ferris

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jsaunders, Mar 15, 2003.

  1. jsaunders

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    What would you choose?
    For the Lazer I'm not sure of which one- Z, EPS,LC, or the 3 cyl XP. The only exmark that they had at the dealer was the 31 hp 3 cyl gas XP - Thats a smooth running engine.
    How efficient are the XP's and the EPS engines? I would think that the fuel injected EPS would be more efficient than the carbed engines. PLEASE HELP!
    For the Ferris the one that I like is the Extreme IS 3000, 27 hp Kohler w/ nelson air filter, high back seat and 4 wheel independent suspension.
    How are the rides with the lazer on bumpy lawns- How do they compair to the ferris for ride quality? Thank you Joel
  2. rodfather

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    Everyone knows what I'm gonna suggest Joel...THINK SPRINGS:D
  3. AztlanLC

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    I can't say anything about exmark, and everything I hear from them is petty good, but I do own Is-3000 not the new model tough But I will pretty soon.

    I really like my Ferris, I used to run scag 3 Wheeler before, the quality on the cut from ferris is pretty good, the ride smooth (well until I tried the Extreme, 4 Wheels IS makes a difference, Compare to the 2 WIS.) but still nice, I agree when they say is build like a tank, the deck and all parts have been real strong so far (I have 4 employees) I would really recommend ferris to anyone I'm very pleased with them and my dealer.

    Take in consideration that I run 3wheeler scags before owning this machines, I haven't compare my Z with any other Z, try the lazer too, so you're the one who can decide which one is better for you, I would also suggest to take in consideration dealer service.
  4. brucec32

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    The lazer isn't a top seller for no reason. My hp does everything I could ask out of a mower. The only negative I can think of is turf damage if you get going downhill or the weight shifted too far to the front and the tires spin. It mulches great, cuts nice, is fast enough, and the full size models should have a slightly better cut in tall grass with their deeper decks. I'm on my second Lazer Z HP. They also resell well, if that matters to you. I paid $5800, used it 4 1/2 seasons, sold it at 1053 hours for $3500. Ferris isn't as popular and well known, might not resale as high.

    The Ferris design seems innovative, but a guy at a dealer said they'd had some problems with deck leveling. I assumed because of the independent suspension. I don't know any other details but he seemed to be hinting not to get one. Then again, maybe he made less selling those.
  5. turfman59

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    Just had my dealer spec out the Ferris IS 1000 6499.00 plus tax
    I think I might be leaning towards it instead of the HP lazer at 7499.00 plus tax... the new ferris has the new nelson air cleaner upgrade and the price hasnt went up one dime...also it has the 23 kaw and the 52" deck...Really like the double belts on the Hydro pumps as well as the Fans on them for cooling... Also tried the new 5000 IS with the Cat diesel what a monster..I think I got a Woody after they started that CAT up
  6. CNYScapes

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    I purchased a ferris IS 1000 last year because my dealer offered me one for $6100, so I could'nt pass it up. I wish I did! Here is the list......

    First day I had it out ran one tank empty, turned knob to switch over to other tank, and still would'nt start - after towing it onto the trailer and back to the dealer he said the fuel lines were kinked from the factory.

    Second day mowed for about 4 hours when the tension spring under the mower broke- this controls the drive wheels- towed back to dealer and dealer replaced

    Next week spring broke again-towed back to dealer and dealer replaced

    Next week spring broke again-towed back to dealer and dealer replaced --had dealer give me a extra spring

    Two weeks later spring broke again- replaced it myself, that night I put the mower in the local paper (with 45 HRS on it) and sold it two days later for $6200

    Drove to my Exmark dealer and bought 60" Lazer
    Been Happy ever since:D :D
  7. jsaunders

    jsaunders LawnSite Bronze Member
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    CNYscapes- there is a HUGH difference between the 1000 and the 3000. I don't want to say that they are made different but they are,(night and day) the 1000 has no suspension -ridgid frame while the 3000 has 4 wheel suspension. How did the 1000 cut through? Is there a big difference in cut between the lazer and ferris? Sorry about the problems though-at least you sold it for what you payed. Joel
  8. johnhenry

    johnhenry LawnSite Senior Member
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    ferris is my choice hands down.Best ride in the business.You ride 6 hours on the ferris and your back will thank you for choosing it
  9. Husker1982

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    LGF you must have gotten a new pic cause all your posts have that in it. You are getting to be as bad as brad. lol

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