lazer overheats again

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawn and stump, Jul 10, 2001.

  1. lawn and stump

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    My lazer 23liquid cooled has overheated again!! it seems that a relay has screwed up again and cooked my 10 month old mower for the second time. my mower only has 65 hrs and I am petrified that my guy has shortened the life of my engine and I only have 2 mos left of warrenty.
    I like the mower and the great cut
  2. Eric ELM

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    I was just looking at your biography and how in the world to you take care of 125 customers and only put on 65 hours in 10 months?

    Sorry to hear of your over heating problems. Most motors have a 2 year warranty, but I do not know if it covers overheating. My diesel has a siren that goes off at 225 degrees. If it goes off at 225 degrees and I shut it down right away, I'm supposed to be safe since they claim my engine will not get hurt until it gets over 280 degrees. I'm not sure if you have anything like this on yours, but thought this information might help in case you have a warning system that goes off also.

    Do you have a temperature guage on yours and know how hot it really got?
  3. lawn and stump

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    I use scag 61" hydro with velkes to do all my residential lawns I run 1 man crews and make custom beds and ramps on my trucks to fit a large walk behind on them we have a lot of small roads along the shore.
    and use my lazer to mow a large private school campas. when I read about lazers on lawnsite I tried one last fall. I was so inpressed with the quality of cut I got one. And love it ,I wish it had an alarm so my help could shut it down.
    I looked again it has 86 hrs. I went to dealers last night and he gave me a relay to put on and it is now fixed. last fall it overheated and he said the fix was to wire the fan on full time which he did. I expect to keep this mower a long time and hope
    no damage was done to the engine, I only have 3 mos of warrenty left. thanks for this great site.
  4. DEEJ

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    A couple of things come to mind here:

    1. I would make sure there is something in writing indicating that a problem happened within the warranty period that may require some good will from the manufacturer if the problem (or a related problem) shows up again later.

    2. The dealers original solution of wiring the fan on full time is troubling. The machine is a commercial unit, designed and built for the prupose of mowing grass in hot, dry, dusty conditions. If the machine isn't designed correctly and there is a service bulletin indicating that this is the solution, so be it. If not, then the dealer is butchering your new machine because he doesn't know how to fix it correctly. Wiring the fan on all the time causes premature failure of the fan, sucks more power from the electrical system, is noisier, and shouldn't be required on a well designed machine. I would take this up with the manufacturer. I suspect the machine is designed correctly, but your particular unit has a problem. How about the ExMark area on this forum?

    3. :mad: Not good to hear this. I have been in the situation a few times where I have paid top dollar for a quality product, and been disappointed. Good luck in resolving this.

  5. PrimeGreen Lawn

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    I had a dealer once tell me something about the liquid-cooled engines overheating. Decided to go against it and get the regular air cooled versions. Never had a problem. One Lazer has over 1800 hours, the other two have 800 and 300. Never a problem.
  6. TLS

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    Sorry to hear about your problem. The 27hp LC's have an "always on fan". Whenever the key is on, and the engine is running, the fan is on. I kinda think mine runs too cool, especially in the early Spring and late Fall, but even when its in the high 90's it is never above the "T" in TEMP, (whatever temp. that is?!?)

    BTW, how do you know its overheating? Does your engine stop? Or do you notice the gauge? These things are WAY over cooled and could very possibly operate without a fan and not get dangerously hot. I've seen smaller radiators in compact cars! Even in the fall with my screen almost totally clogged with grass and leaves, the gauge never rose above that "T".
  7. awm

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    not knocking any mowers or brands but seems like the more complicated the system gets IE the new ideas .the more trouble people have. mines a 96 lazer ,so eventually ill have to get another.when i do it will be one with at least two yrs of good
    reports on all systems in the machine.i always like to kiss.:D
  8. DEEJ

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    I see in the eXMark area that this post has been addressed. eXMark indicated that the new units do have the fan wired on full time as you indicate. They obviously feel this is a safer approach than the old system. Hopefully this solves the problem.

    Yes some car rads are pretty small these days but the car environment has advantages that lawn equipment doesn't. There is much better airflow with a moving car, the fans are bigger and flow more air, the system has a larger volume of fluid to transfer heat, and they don't operate in the dusty dead air environments that lawncare equipment does.

    The fan on my liquid cooled ATV cycles on and off regularly, but only at low speed. With constant airflow it never comes on. Big engine, small rad.

  9. lawn and stump

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    Thanks for the help

    I went to dealer tue pm and he gave me a new relay I installed it like he showed me and fan worked fine.

    noboby used mower wed

    told my kid to mow around shop 1pm thurs and he mowed 1/2 acre and it stalled- overheated.

    1:20pm called dealer and went over everything
    1:30 mower cooled some tried to start- won't turn over
    1:35 called dealer he's dropping off his demo
    exmark tech was helpfull on exmark site but now my mower with 85 hrs is now damaged they really should have an overheat alarm.
    I think I will trade for an air cool lazer. I like the quality of cut
  10. TLS

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    If you truely overheated the engine untill the point of shutdown/meltdown, it will not start again and run at all. If a piston has melted to the bore or a bearing has spun, you will not start that engine. Unless there is an emergency engine kill switch that is activated when overheating occurrs, then your problem is not overheating. I highly doubt that a severely overheated engine that "just stops running" due to the heat, will ever run properly again.

    You need to describe your symptoms a little better so we can help you.

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