LAZER ownrs, Check your deck idler pulley bushings....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TLS, Jul 10, 2003.

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    Got home tonite and scraped and changed blades. Go to grease and lift foot plate up to get to the deck idler pulley. Usually grab the belt and squeeze it against each other to make the idler pulley move while I grease (to disperse it better) and when I let go, the idler pulley stays where its at. Belt was still loose. Go to push pulley back tight, and its kinda real stiff! :eek:

    So I remove the deck belt and the idler stays put. That giant spring cant even pull it back without the belt on it!!!

    Well, took it all apart and had to press the shaft out of the bushing. Bushing and shaft were only slightly worn, but had all kinds of dried grease inside. I wire wheeled the shaft clean and scotch brited it and the inside of the bushing. Greased it all up and reassembled.

    Ended up replacing the belts (both mule drive and deck belt) 852hrs on the originals! :eek: Figured that I had it apart this far, I may as well replace the mule drive belt too. (Extra belts and filters came free when I bought the mower) They weren't in the worst shape, but I had them and they were getting glazed looking and slightly dryrotted in spots.

    ANYWAYS.... Make sure you guys release belt tension before you grease and check that this idler remains free to move. I've read about how they are prone to this, but never thought it would happen to me!
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    thats funny, i've been there done that, but check this out, the grease nipple on mine was'nt even drilled all the way through. it never even had any grease in it. actually the pivot point froze up and we had to take it all apart and drill the hole on through. and you are right, that is one strong spring aint it? ;)
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    Exmark put on a service school for end users at my dealer this past spring. Terry Eckert was there and did the school. He said that all spring tensioned belts should be greased in a no load position at least once a month. That means taking the belts loose and greasing the idler pivots. This will allow the grease to flow all the way around the pivot bushings. A frozen idler will cause belt glazing, and sometimes affect cutting performance due to belt slippage. Keeping those idlers free will add to your belt life, and allow the mower to deliver a quality cut.
  4. TLS

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    Well, I noticed that the grease fitting just bottomed out against the bushing.

    Its actually two bushings with a small space between them that happens to line up with the hole for the fitting. Once all the junk was cleaned out, I re-installed the fitting and put a shot of grease through without the shaft in there. Grease came in all around in the center, so I guess it works. Put it all together and it pushed grease from the bottom AND top.

    From now on, every oil change the belt will come off and it'll be greased without a load.
  5. Strawbridge Lawn

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    Does this apply to Lazer Z-HP as well? I typically have mine serviced (full spectrum stuff) annually and all the light maintenance I do in between.
  6. This applies to all spring tensioners. Thanks for the tip, just went through this on the hydro ones on the wb's 3 weeks ago.
  7. STAN1366

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    Guess I know what I'll be doing first thing tomorrow!
  8. AltaLawnCare

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    Thanks for the tip. :cool:
  9. TLS

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    Figured that I'd post this because I have heard that this could happen. Terry and Dustin always default to it in the eXmark Fourm.

    And I figure if it happed to my mower (and I'm very @nal about maintenance) it can happen to all of you!
  10. Expert Lawns

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    I usually have my mower serviced becuse i'm not that mechanically inclined, so don't knock my too hard for this, but what and when do you grease? I know everything that spins, turns or rotates needs to be greased, but that's about all I know. Thanks

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