Lazer Rear Tire problem.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by TLS, Apr 10, 2002.

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    On my Lazer's rear tires (Carlisle 2ply Turfmasters 24-12x12's) I have two sidewall bubbles/bulges! Wasn't like this at the start of the season. I washed it thouroughly 2 weeks ago and literally scrubbed the tires and wheels. Made it look like a new mower. Tires were fine then.

    Anyway, do you think that this will cause a problem? I can push on the bubbles and they don't seem to have the same psi of air as the tire does. They seem real light and easy to push compared to the rest of the sidewall. I just dont want them to pop that one ply that the bubbles are in and cause an unfixable leak :eek: The sidewalls look wrinkled like a drag slick where these bubbles are.

    Also on another similarly related note....Do you guys with these tires notice that the tread that contacts the ground is concave? What I am saying is the tread on the tire is only worn on the outsides, the inside tread still has tits on it and isn't worn at all. This is due to the tire dipping in or concave. If I put 10psi on all 4 tires, it is really noticable, I put 15 in and it improves it slightly (squares up the tread more even all the way across). When they were new, I could put a ruler across the tread and stick a pencil under the ruler in the center, while the ruler rested on the outside tread! On these tires they say "MAX INFLATION 10 psi" Why does Exmark suggest 13psi ?

    Is there any type of tire warranty for this type of thing? I'm just worried that when I go to replace that one defective tire, that I will have to now do both (due to 500+hrs wear) or the mower will sit crooked. I understand that Exmark "matches" tire circumference and keeps them similar. Where do they measure? I would have two very different measurements if I measured the center vs. the edges with these tires!

    Thanks in advance!
  2. laynlow

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    I've seen those bubbles caused on automotive tires when vehicles strike curbs too hard. Eventually the tire will fail, and to the best of my knowledge, repairs to a sidewall are not possible.
  3. SLS

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    I have those EXACT same tires on my 2001 Lazer Z and at 425 hours they still look almost new and wear evenly...tread makes contact across it'e full concave is apparent. I keep them inflated at 14 lbs. I check 'em every morning before loading up.

    Maybe there was a bad batch of these tires?

    Maybe someone else has an idea as to the average longevity of these tires. I would like to know how long they are supposed to last.
  4. TLS

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    Thanks for the reply. I guess mine are deformed from Carlisle.

    My edges are worn pretty bad while the center is like I said still brand new. If my mower was supported by all 11" of tread, I guess my tire wear would not be as bad. But since its only rolling on two 3" bands around the edges, they are wearing faster. Its soon to be level straight across, but by then, the outsides will be nearly bald! I just thought that ALL Turfmaster tires were like this?!

    As for the bubbles, well thats a defect, and according to the Carlisle website, they offer a 2 year warranty for defects in materials/workmanship. This should be covered for me, but I guess I'll have to come up with the money for the other matching tire.
  5. laynlow

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    See if they will replace them both. If a concave tire isn't a defect, I don't know what is! :confused:
  6. TLS

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    Can you check your 24-12x12 Turfmaster tires and let me know if they are 2 or 4 Ply Rated, and 10 or 20 MAX INFL PRESS. Seems that Exmark now puts 4ply Turfmasters on the Lazers, and I only have 2ply's. I need to know if I am the only one with 2ply's?

    You can also follow this in the Exmark section under the same heading.

    Terry from Exmark is being real helpful about this, and cant thank him enough.

    My dealer only stocks the 4ply's in my size, he said that they "hold up better"?

    Thanks guys!
  7. sunrise

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    Mine leaks also, The same problem I thank it a rim problem/ I am putting a tube in. If I get a free day.
  8. leaflawnandlimb

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    My 2001 has 4 ply that say max 20 psi, and that is what I run in them. I noticed that if I put less than 12-14 psi I would get that concave condition that you described. My machine weighs in at over 1500 lbs so I found that it rides well and handles best with 20psi.
  9. muxx

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    I have had that prob with those tires on my lazers before. You should replace them, I did when I first noticed it. the concave part i have also had that trouble. I just increased the psi. I have had that trouble more than once in my 13 yr exmark experience.
  10. SLS

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    Mine Lazer Z is a 2001 with 4-Ply (max 20 psi).

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