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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Alan Bechard, Aug 1, 2002.

  1. Alan Bechard

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    Hi, let me first say that I am very happy with my Lazer Z 60 with 23 Kawasaki. There are a couple things I think you guys should look at improving. Mine is about 1 yr old, so maybe you have done this already.

    Make the foot assist fold out of the way like my new Cub Cadet does, this lets me open the footrest all the way.

    Put a big decal showing the grease points on the underside of the footrest.

    Put an oil hose on the engine oil drain and get rid of that garbage plastic little thing that likes to leak oil and is just a pain in the rear. I hate to keep referring to my Cub, but in this case they have their act together and it works well.

    Put a 3/8" bolt through the stay to hold the electric clutch or change the "keeper" bolt on the center deck pulley to 5/16" so that I only need one set of tools to change the deck drive belt.

    Look at your welding and more importantly paint prep work on the deck. The paint has come off all of my deck welds. None are broken that I can see but something is not right in the prep.

    Broach a square hole in pivoting arms that do blade tension so I can hook a ratchet in and get added leverage.

    Put single lip seals on the caster wheels and Grease Zerks back in. Let the LCO fill it with grease till it squishes out the seal, then wipe it up. It is flat out crazy the way mine is set up with no Zerks.

    Make more mowers so that when I go to my dealer to buy a new Exmark in a particular size and engine combination that I want I can get it. (48" Kawasaki ) and do not walk out with a competitors product.

    Thanks for your time The mower truly has worked excellent so far and it is the best mower we have owned yet by a long shot.

    Al Bechard
  2. eXmark

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    Thanks for the feedback.

    Glad you hear you like the machine and appreciate the suggested improvements.


  3. Vibe Ray

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    Hey Alan, my lazer had the big decal showing the grease points on the underside of the footrest when I got it over a year ago.


    You must not be feeling well...normally you would go into detail about each of the suggested improvements....I mean they all sound like real good ideas.
  4. eXmark

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    Typers cramp. It's a lot like writers cramp but nothing like diapers cramp. Try that one in your spell check. Typist is just to professional and makes it sound like I can actually type.

    There are a couple of thins in there that I hadn't thought of. All of them had very valid and real issues that they addressed.

    I would also hope that there are a couple of things in there that could see production in the near future but you never know. Those engineers are a whole lot smarter than I am............well at least most of them are right Jim L.

    Had to throw that one in there. Jim is one of several engineers who I like to give rough time, besides he also likes to visit Lawnsite from time to time.



    PS: this is the first time ever anybody has asked me for a looonger response. Usually it's the other way around.
  5. Alan Bechard

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    GOOD greif! My apologies, I just went and looked at mine again! The sticker is there bigger than Stuttgart! It was a different mower that I was servicing and wanted the sticker on. Brain fade is my only excuse,

    My apologies.

    The other items are accurate, I will post the photo's if you like.

    Al B

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