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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerguys, Sep 28, 2002.

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    I bought an Exmark Lazer Z 60" in june. as fall clean-ups are fast approaching here in Iowa I am thinking about getting the Lazer Vac. After reading many posts i feel that all of you guys who have one are satisfied with it. I have done clean ups in the past with my walkbehind and a side bagger. I don't want to mess up my 60" stripes with my 48" dd ferris. My question is how much wider will the mower be after i put on the debris fan on the side of the deck. I need to make sure i can still get the lazer on the trailer with the vac. My trailer is 6x14. will this work or will the mower be to wide.
    thanks in advance for the responces.
  2. it will be a good 10 or 12 inches wider, but the ultra vac blower is real easy to take on and off if its to wide for your trailer.
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    You will have to remove the vac while trailoring or get a wider trailer.
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    Get a wider trailer. It's a pain In the But to Do. just think about The number Of times You will have to do it. But You will love The bagger And you will Never do it with a side Bagger again.

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