Lazer vs. Super Sufer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Schlepie, Oct 20, 2001.

  1. Schlepie

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    Looking forward to purchasing my first ztr at the beginning of next season. Have a 36 metro now. I'm also a solo operator and the ztr should help. I'm looking at a 44" lazer w/ 19koh for ($5799) vs the Surfer 48" ( $4900). Both with floating decks that change heights on the fly. One stands, the other sits. I'm leaning towards the Lazer but could use some pros and cons on both from those that have used or are using them both. I will mainly be using these on residential and I dont want to pass on the larger jobs like I have this year. Thanks
  2. little green guy

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    I had the same debate with my self in the beging of the year, I was between the 52" write stander and a 60" lazer, I went with the lazer. The reason I went with the lazer was:
    1) more attachmants (ultra-vac, ect...)
    2) hieght ajustment
    3) liquid cooled option
    4) faster ground speed, better for bigger jobs

    I realy do like the standers though, the other company I worked with had a 52" sufer and i loved that machine, there so muenuverable, cuts great, and you can do almost any hill. I think I may buy a stander next year. I think the best setup is a stander, a ZTR and a walkbehind. The standers are cheap too. I don't think I'd get a super sufer though, I like the Wright Standers better, I wish they still made the old suffer though, they where the best.
  3. Lawnworks

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    If I were you I would get a Lazer b/c they are more efficient and make your job enjoyable. I do like those Surfers though, they look pretty cool. If you are not maowing postage stamps I wuld definately get the Lazer. I think Exmarks and Choppers are the best mowers out there. But really even on small lawns w/ no gates I think a bigger mower will do fine. Good luck!
  4. TLS

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    First off, dont make price your deciding factor. Second, get a 52" Lazer HP. The 44" are real hard to trim up against a fence or house. The rear tires are only as wide as the deck, no side offset. The 48" only gives you about 2" on either side of the tires. The 52" gives you more offset, bigger engine options, much faster speeds and 8" more cut for not too much more money.

    I have never seen any Surfers other than magazine pics. Those on here that have them seem to really like them. Just remember, standing is only a half step above walking! Sitting is easy and comfortable on your knees and joints.
  5. 65hoss

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    I tested the Wright Stander and the dane surfer. I liked the Wright better. Only because I felt more stable on it. Cut wise I don't know. Neither of them did I feel safe on like I do on a rider. The standers still have the same ground speed as a w/b with a sulky. You gain no production, but a Z you gain production, comfort, and speed.
  6. 65hoss

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    Not to mention the Z gives you better control on hills.
  7. lawnboy82

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    How do you even use a stander on hills? I remember I tried one out a few months ago. I was scared pi$$less when I would put in on or take it off the trailer. I just can't see that thing as not flipping or losing control going up and down big hills.
  8. little green guy

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    The thing about standers is they take some getting used too, once you use them a while your views WILL change about them. They are VERY stable once you get used to them, more muenurvarable then a walkbehind and much more productive too. In my oppinion if you are doing lawns 1/2 acre to 1.5 acres a stander is the best bet.
  9. rodney

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    buy the great dane if you like scraping decks and dog terds (clumps)all over the lawn
    you could buy a mower thats praised by lawnsite members
  10. GrassChopper

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    I don't understand this Rodney. I own two Wright Standers. In my opinion, they are better than the riders because:

    They take less space on the trailer

    They are just as fast as the riders

    They offer greater visibility

    I don't scrape decks or dog turds on the lawn

    If you haven't already, check out the Wright Centaur. You can sit and adjust deck height on the fly.

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