Lazer vs Walk behind (price)

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by chrisk, Jun 3, 2002.

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    Can I get a 48inch rider for close to the same price as a 52 turf tracer?????
    I think a rider might be better for me.
    What are all of the advantages to a rider over a walk behind?

    Can a rider take hills as good???
    I know they mow faster but do they handle wet ground and hills as good??

    Just starting out with rider do you guys reccommend as far as quility, speed, cut, mulch, and maintenance????

    Thanks Very Much Guys.
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    The advantage of the rider is speed, comfort and vac system.

    The walk behind will hold a hill better than a rider, trim better and it will mow under obstacles better than a Lazer HP will. I would also give them the edge on wed ground do the their superior traction.

    As far as speed goes it's really dictated by conditions, and operator preference. I limit my ground speed based on quality of cut. That means my speed will change depending upon how tall, short, healthy, wet or dry the lawn is. In some conditions the faster you cut the better because it helps reduce the amount of grass that sticks to the deck. In other conditions you may need to cut slower to leave a more manicured look.

    It all comes down to the conditions and what you feel is an acceptable level of quality when you leave the lawn.

    Good luck


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