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    I am a service technican at a locat Exmark dealer and I have a couple of questions. 1 We have a LZ23KC523 with a srl# of 23xxxx and were about to put the second set of front wheel bearing init. My question is first what would cause the first set to go bad, when I replaced them I filled the tube with grease and tightened the wheel bolt untill the wheel almost wouldn't spin, like you're suppose to. When i pulled it apart this time the outer part of the taper bearing was dry and the inner was covered with grease, can we tap a hole and inset an alimite and fill it with grease or is there something else we need to do. P.S. I did pack the bearings before install.

    Question #2
    The seat switch delays on the Lazer models, can it be installed on other ZTR's or other riders?

    I appreciate your help and am waiting for your answer..

    P.S. I recently saw the deck spike test at an update school and was wondering if you could put it on and let the others see how Exmark's equipment stands up!!!!

    Thanks Lazerman
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    It sounds like the wheel has the wrong seals in it. Around that serial range we went to a no maintenance wheels. The seals were changed from a 1-633580 to a 103-0063. The 1-633580 seal was a single lip seal and allowed greasing. The 103-0063 is a double lip seal for no maintenance. I am guessing this is the problem.

    The seat delay would have to depend on how the wiring is done on the unit you are wanting to add it to.

    The stake test is one of many tests that we perform for safety. I agree with you that we should show this off more than we do now. I will check into this, thanks of the input.

    Thanks, Fred.

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