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Lazer Z 23 hp hours


LawnSite Member
23 hp Kolher air cooled at what point (hour wise) should I start to think about a new Z at present time I have 1150 hours its had good maitenance only big break down was the PTO at 500 hours and the mower struts are totally worn. I want 2500 hours with out it becoming a nickle and dime unreliable unit. What do you think am I realalistic...


Manufacturer / Sponsor

With proper maintenance the Kohler should be able to reach that, it's not uncommon. That being said I should also mention that the incidence of engine failure goes up quite dramatically once an engine exceeds 2000 hours. The key is keeping the dirt from entering the engine through the air filtration system and making it's way to the combustion chamber. If you have the canister filters for the life of the engine or if you are extremely careful with air filter maintenance of the old ring type filters your chances of getting extended engine life are much greater.