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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by chris urkuski, Sep 7, 2007.

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    I'm at wits end. I have a lazer z model; ch740s 27hp kohler command w/ a left bank plug fowling with oil. did the heads, and valves. there was no wash out in the cylinders from a bad ring, and still had the problem . I then replaced the breather element, reed, gasket, and plate assmbl. , and still have the same problem with excessive oil entering into the carb. is there a problem w/ the top breather plate? or reed ? i did however notice the breather plate is bolted at the four corners, w/ the oil sending unit in the center edge, the plate is thin. does this plate warp ?, and lose seal contact inside. I was thinking my next step would be to install a external oil cannister with a pvc, and return it to the breather neck. I need some help here.
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    You could have a blown head gasket between the oil return port and the cylinder or the crankcase breather and the breather reed are defective

    Do a cylinder leak down test and or just replace the head gasket that is my bet
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    I forgot to add post this in the mechanics forum

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