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Lazer Z 28HP EFI

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Dedduc, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Dedduc

    Dedduc LawnSite Member
    Messages: 1

    Looking at a 05 Lazer Z with a Kohler 28 HP EFI 60" deck brand new for $8100.00. Is that a good buy and a good combo?? Or should I buy a new 06 model 27hp Kohler air cooled for $8900.00? Is the Triton deck all that important?
  2. Willofalltrades

    Willofalltrades LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,000

    Use the search feature and look in previous threads. I am spending an extra $800 for the 27hp 56" HP instead of last years 23hp 52" HP.
  3. Larry1

    Larry1 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 22

    I haven't heard anything but good reviews on the new Triton but I'm not certain the crowd here is impartial. Be aware that the new deck has a lower tip speed (16,500 fps if memory serves). eXmark says that this was a design decision to make it function better in all conditions, but Iv'e heard unsubstantiated rumors that it was to meet a new government regulation regarding equipment used under government funding, or something like that. I have a new Triton but I won't have any grass to try it on for a few more weeks. Iv'e put my trust in eXmark and I'm not worried.
  4. DEEJ

    DEEJ LawnSite Member
    Messages: 230


    Don't rule out the 05 machine. I have an 01 60" 26 EFI and an 03 60" 28 EFI. I wouldn't trade the EFI engines for anything. They are so smooth and responsive, and they sip fuel compared to my carbureted engines. Turn the key and go. No choke to worry about. No funny starts when it is cold.

    The deck on the 05 is the same deck I have. I use the mulch kit most of the time, side discharge other times, and bag into an Accelerator other times. This is one awesome deck. It is well respected as one of the best cutting decks in the industry. Is the new Triton that much better, I doubt it. The cost savings and the way, way better engine would sell the 05 to me - no question.

    The EFI Lazer used to be the only Lazer that came stock with the suspension seat. I am not sure if this was still the case in 05 - but if it is, this is another reason to get the 05. The ride is so much improved with the suspension seat.

    Lastly, don't take the price the dealer is offering on last years model. He has to clear them out and he is motivated to do so. Dicker (nicely) on the price. Maybe get him to cover the sales tax. If he won't move much on price, start dickering on options. Mulch kits, trailer hitch, spare blades - all things you can work in to make the deal a bit better.

    My money is on the fuel injected 05 - without question!!

  5. blackandgold

    blackandgold LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 365

    I had a post regarding blade tip speed and cut quality issues sent in over a week ago. eXmark has not replied or posted my comments.
  6. Larry1

    Larry1 LawnSite Member
    Messages: 22

    Not posting comments is serious stuff. Is this a marketing site or an open forum (serious question)?

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