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Lazer Z 60' 23hp..

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I bought a new Lazer Z today. 23hp, 60' deck, paid $6895.00 + tax w/ a mulch kit.
Was this a fair price ??
I am building on 5 acres and don't want to spend all day mowing.
How fast do you think this will cut 5 acres, flat no trees??

Anything special I should do with mantainence right away...

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that's a great deal, when i looked at the 60" is was 6999 with no mulch kit and a 25hp kohler.

once you get used to the mower i'd say you could cut it in about 45-50 mins if it's perfectly flat, square and no trees as you say. might have to slow down a little for the mulch kit, but that ultra cut deck is baaaaad.
Good price.
Go to they will have an acres per hour chart for different mph's and for 100% efficiency(impossible)as well as for 80% efficiency.Bottom line is based on the operator and conditions.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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