Lazer Z and Super Z (my evaluations)

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by ScCo, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. ScCo

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    I have had a lazer z on demo for a few days now, and i'm starting to develop a pretty firm feel for the machine. Having had my super z for right at a year now, I feel justified in my thoughts I have on it as well.

    The Super Z is a 25hp Kawi, 60" deck, and the Lazer is a 23hp Kohler with a 60" deck. I'll try to be fair with the difference in horsepower taken into consideration as I don't mean to speak negatively about either machine as both are excellent and both have their place in the field.

    1. Controls: Having become accustomed to the feel of the super z's controls, the controls on the exmark are a good bit more "jerky" in terms of response. They respond quicker to a smaller directional movement. I'm not classifying this as good or bad as I had no problems adapting to the controls, and had no issues with tearing on turns or anything of that such.

    2. Hydraulics: In my opinion hustler owns exmark in this department. A part of my opinion could indeed come from the 2hp difference in engines, but I'm guessing that the biggest part of this opinion comes from the different pumps and wheel motors used on the two machines. The super z feels much more solid and seems to have more torque through the system.

    3. Deck: Exmark definitely has hustler whipped here. The hustler deck tends to shoot somewhat of a focused stream of grass that predominantly exits the front side of the discharge shoot. My machines generally throws the clippings approximately 3 stripes over. The largest quantity of the clippings moving through the same space in the deck tends to cause clumping in wetter conditions, which often times leads to double cutting to get a nice finished product. The Exmark deck doesn't throw the clippings as far out from the machine as the hustler (again could be the 2hp difference in part) but it does have a much wider dispersal pattern, and throws much more finely chopped up clippings as well. The difference in size of the clippings is quite noticeable when grinding up leaves. I'd almost go as far as to say that the exmark deck does in one pass (in terms of grinding up leaves) what the hustler does in two passes.

    4. Hillside Stability: Again, hustler comes out on top here. The lower center of gravity, and the higher torque hydraulic system in my opinion makes the hustler noticeably more stable and comfortable to operate on hills.

    There are probably more topics that could be compared between the two machines, but in brevity I'll stick with the ones I commented on above at this point.

    That said I will say that both machines are excellent machines, and I can't imagine anyone having a regret in purchasing either one. In normal conditions I tend to think that the hustler would be a marginally more productive machine, but to counter that I feel that the exmark would be just as much more productive in the right conditions as well.

    If the pricing confusion with my local dealers on exmark's products can be cleared up, you'll soon see a new red machine sitting next to my super z on the trailer. I feel that with one of each we will have the best of both worlds for matching the most productive machine with the conditions at hand. if exmark had hustler drive components, or hustler had exmark's deck...that would be the supreme machine.

    Anyhow, that wraps up my opinions on the two machines. Feel free to throw in your own opinions as well.

  2. splatz100

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    Excellent Review!!
  3. Travis Followell

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    Thanks a lot for the info. The local Hustler dealer had a demo day last year and I got to run a super z and it was a great machine. I loved it. I rode so much smoother and cut a lot better than our Woods ztr and was just a much better machine. I have never run a Exmark so I can't comment on them.
  4. DennisF

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    I agree 100% with your review. I love my Hustler Z and wouldn't trade it for any mower.

    But...I wonder if there is a gear head out there that is considering the idea of fitting an Exmark deck on to a Hustler.

    Food for thought!
  5. ScCo

    ScCo LawnSite Senior Member
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    the thought of what it would take to put an exmark deck onto a hustler power unit has been going through my head a good deal. I have access to all the tools I'd need to modify the hustler power unit, but I can't really justify a spare deck laying around. Seeing as how we're needing another machine anyway, I think we're just gonna stick with having one of each and make the best of it.

    ...both should serve very well
  6. DennisF

    DennisF LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Florida
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    I've been thinking of trying to do it myself. I might check with some Exmark dealers to see if they have any scrap decks laying around that they would sell. I could see if the scrap deck could be fitted without too much fabrication or alteration to the Hustler frame. If it could be fitted, then a new deck could be fitted as well.

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