Lazer Z AS or Lazer Z?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lasher66, Nov 1, 2005.

  1. lasher66

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    I posted this in another thread , but the thread was beaten to death so I didnt get much response.
    I am looking at the 05 Lazer Z AS vs. the Lazer Z. I noticed the Lazer Z has a couple more HP vs. the Lazer Z AS and bigger gas tank and foot assist on deck, but the price seemed to be pretty high on the Lazer Z. My dealer is running a deal on the Lazer Z AS 23HP right now for $6800 (was $7700) plus a free striping kit. He dont have any Lazer Z in stock but said it would cost about $8300 to order one. Is it worth spending $1500 more for the Lazer Z? Is the Lazer Z AS a good machine? He also said the 06 models will go up at least $400 if I wait for them. Just wanted some input from some Exmark owners.

  2. Blessed 1

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    $6800 is a Very Good price. My first Lazer Z was a 03 60" 23 hp and I was so happy. Coming from a Bunton I think that you will be happy as well. I kept it for a year and traded up to the 27hp because I was bagging a lot then. I have since gotten a 31 hp and mulch a lot more.........You can add a foot assist. J Thomas sells them. You will need it for the 60".
  3. tacoma200

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    I have owned a 23hp 60" Lazer as series. It was a great mower. The foot assist is easy to install. It has smaller tanks, it has a different brand of wheel motor (slower) but more tourque, it has a simple air cleaner, and cheaper tires. That seems like a good deal. I now have a 27 hp Lazer z and the main difference is better tires, better air filter, and if the grass is overgrown the extra hp helps but on most jobs the 23 is enough. If I was really serious about lawncare I would go with the regular Z. You can never have too much power but both are great mowers.
  4. Jpocket

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    The AS is just a reproduction of "the Old Lazer" it looks identical to the first ones they sold in the mid 90's, except the roll bar. They are great machines after all nthey are the ones that inspired the latest models. the only differences are the smaller frame, smaller fuel tanks, and small hydro pumps. The older design also sticks to hillsides better.
  5. CincyWolf

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    jpocket - why do you say the older models and the AS hold hills better? Please explain.
  6. tacoma200

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    I don't know what his answer will be but my Lazer Z holds better than my AS series did. I also can't tell any difference in frame size. Only tire size and tank size. Thats just my observation. I never measured the frame.
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    Personally, I think you should hold out for the 2006 Lazer Z.

    I think you'll be sick wishing you did if you don't.

    You have all winter to drum up and save the extra dough.
  8. Blessed 1

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    Better look again. They have upgraded to the old style tanks that came out in 2004. It has upgrades from last year.
  9. Jpocket

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    I have both machines and the older model sticks like glue, my new lazer just seems to slide all the time, don't know why.
  10. Jpocket

    Jpocket LawnSite Silver Member
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    Cool, im a big fan of the older machine, the old trivantage deck wasn't that bad either, not that good in real tall stuff.

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