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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by D&R, Jul 4, 2004.

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    I am going to purchase a Z Tuesday and one of the local dealers has an AS that he will sell me for 6,000.00. I beleive retail is 6,999.00. I mow commercially, but have only recently gotten started in this industry. We have several 2 acre plus yards that we mow. The mower in question is a 20hp/52" . I noticed in most other manufacturers brochures this size mower comes with a 23 or 27 hp motor. The question is this. Is the 20 hp big enough or not? I know Exmark had to cut cost somewhere and the engine is one place. The other seems to be the pumps. All of Exmarks Z's use Parker/Ross and the AS uses Dan Foss pumps. I cannot find in the brochure any warranty info on the pumps. How does the Foss pumps compare to the Parker?
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    The warranty on the hydros is the same as the standard Lazer Z.

    You can get buy commercially with the 20 hp on the 52" deck but you will need to slow down in the spring due to the fast growing wet conditions found in your region. The standard Lazer Z also has several bells and whistles that may interest you also.

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