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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by tower43, Mar 21, 2006.

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    I have searched the forums for an answer to this, but still cannot find the answer I need, so here goes.

    I have a lazer z with a 60" deck that I got new last year (last year was also my first year in business, so I am still new to commercial mowers)

    I started with the blades that came on it, and wasnt really satisfied with the cut... early in the season it left a fair amount of grass behind - like the blades didnt lift the grass enough to be cut, forcing me to go back over it again, not always getting it on the second pass. Was a real problem with dandelions esp.

    I got some blades from the dealer that looked like the gator blades (mulching I think - the dealer is fairly new and isnt really well versed on exmarks blades) these didnt help to solve the problem either.

    My question is this - what exmark blades will help to solve this problem? Looking at what they have to offer, I am lost - I just cant tell which blade is for what purpose. My dealer isnt any help either. (last year exmark added a spindle to reduce blade damage, and it requires a hole of 7/8" on the blade - which limits blade choices to exmark's)

    I also had a problem with grass clumping, causing me to have to go back over it again as well.. will different blades help with this? I am going to check that the deck is level, and the rake is ok and tire pressures, but will different blades help as well?
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    Hello tower43,
    Well this one may be hard to answer. We may have to get on the phone to solve all these question. There are many way we can change the setup off the machine to help different issues. Let me hit these one at a time.

    On your first question with cutting grass and weed stems. Many times the grass dictates the cutting height. Generally the lower you cutting the fewer stragglers you will have. It all depends on what you're cutting. I really good lush plush fully developed turf grass cuts good at 3". Yards with a lot of weeds and mixed grasses cut cleaner at 2.5". The other area I would look at is the deck rake. Flat rake or even a little negative rake helps with weed stems along with cutting it lower.

    Your standard blade or maybe the high lift solid should be your best all around blade for your location (northern grass??). I encourage people to try different blade types. All blades have different performance in different cutting conditions. Grasses are different all over the USA.

    If you are getting a lot of deck plugging or clumping and it is yard of mixed grasses with weeds and clover back off on the throttle. Gators will make this worse. Drop the engine 600 rpm and you will be fine.

    I hope this helped.

    Fred Fugett
    Customer Service Representitive
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    I never heard of dropping the throttle back. What does that do? I have used excaliburs and Gators. The gators in my opinion leave a better cut and can go about 5-10 more hours before changing. This dropping the throttle back is interesting. Can you provide more reasoning. Cause shoot, if that will help eliminate stragglers that would be great. I won't leave a yard if I see stragglers still standing. My crews think its anal at times but I think its our responsibility. Also, this year I had planned on starting all yards at a minimum of 2.5 in. Allowing the grass to get used to that ht and by mid summer hopefully have the lawn up to 3-3.5 in. What effect would rake have on that, if any? By the way your dealer in Mddle GA is the best. Haven't seen him lately, but plan to this coming week when it is raing to get tune ups. He is always helpful, goes the extra mile, and boy you talk about knowing your product!!! You couldn't have a better representative.
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    Hello mad_wrestler,
    Dropping back the throttle, reduces rpms, reduces the number of times the clippings get cut, making the clippings larger, the larger clippings do not clump like finer cut clippings.
    I'm glad you have a representative that goes the extra mile.
    Thanks Brian

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