Lazer Z Charging system?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by 8wr_zj, May 17, 2006.

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    oops posted in wrong forum so i reposted here. First off i am new here and there is a huge amount of information to take in. i have trying to search to find out what is up the battery/eletrical system of my mower. but with no luck i thought id ask. its an exmark lazer z hp 52" with 760 hours on it. Mower starts, runs great, cut great but sometimes the battery dies. New battery not even 2 weeks old. i take my key out of the mower after every yard. Checked the ingition switch and it is not getting any power when the key is out. Now sometimes when i engage the blades it is like they are sticking it takes them awile to start. changed the PTO switch no help so idk what the problem is (maybe the PTO clutch). this morning i went out and it is dead just clicks. new starter and all the relays are working correctly. i looked for schematic of the charging system nothing, i am not even sure how the generator/alternator works cant find a belt of any kind. and not to many wires leading to the motor just 4. any suggestions? thanks for any help or information
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    Who makes the engine on your machine, and what is the model, serial, ect. #.
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    There might be a stator(charging system) behind fly wheel. Had to replace a couple in my 757 z's. same problem, but batterie ligjt was usually on and could always jump off. Had dealer replace because was under warranty.
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    Read the top thread in this forum then do as fly-4-fun said.
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    sorry newb mistake about what to post. kohler command 25

    First i replaced the battery still went dead. Checked all battery wires, grounds, starter wires. found a schematic sheet but only had the saftey realys, ingition, starter, the basic stuff no colis are anythin like that it just had fours wires that wnet to the motor. Replaced the PTO switch no help. Went and checked voltage across battery poles with a voltmeter and it read 12.56. Started the motor read 12.40 kept it on the battery and the numbers slowly went down to 12.28 then i stop holding the voltmeter on the battery. Tried to enage the blades and the engine died. That has pretty much been it. I am charging the battery right now.
    i was refering to this thread about voltage what the voltage should be at slow idle and high idle.
    13.5-14.8 running and 12.6 not running a fully charged battery. thanks for the help sp far!
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    The 13.5 or so will be your idle charge and should go up to 14.8 when throttled up. Here is a link; Click on Enter as guest below the send box, Then click on service literature and scan down the page and you can down-load a PDF service manual and save it to your computer then print out the test procedures to take to where your mower is to perform the testing. This may be better than me or somebody else trying to explain how to test your unit. If you do get stumped on anything feel free to post back, We will be happy to help.

    Good Luck
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    thanks ill get on it in the morning!
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    I was going to reply last evening with the same suggestion that Restro had but I did check Kohler's site first and found that an online service manual was not yet available.

    Restro has a lot more experience on the larger stuff than I do and he may have more suggestions. I would start by checking the AC voltage coming from the stator. Remove the leads going into the rectifier/regulator and place the two leads from your multimeter into the leads from the r/r and my guestimate is that you should have at least 60-80 volts AC. If adequate voltage is there, then check the output DC from the r/r. A guestimate is that it should be 14-17 VDC depending on the condition of the battery.

    Without any service data on Kohler's site, your only real solution is to buy a service manual for the CH25 to properly check out your problem.

    I don't know if you have jumpstarted your engine from a running auto/truck engine or not but I just worked on a similar situation on a Briggs Vanguard. I'm quite sure that the excessive amperage from the automotive charging system back fed the regulator and stator. The stator was a crispy critter and the regulator was toast as well.

    That's my two cents worth.

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    You mean the link I posted won't take you to a service manual ? I went right to it without logging in my dealer password and removed my user name before I posted. :confused:
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