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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by BigTom, May 23, 2008.

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    We have a 2005 Lazer Z with 19 hp Kawasaki. The battery won't hold a charge. We've replaced the battery... What do we need to check now? all of the wiring appears to be in good shape.

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    First thing to check is the fuse and ground. You should see (2) 20A fuses along the left inside of the frame. One will have 2 orange wires, the other 2 violet. Ensure the violet fuse is good. I believe the ground for your machine is located at the left rear engine mount bolt. Ensure it is clean & tight.

    If those check out, then you'll need to test the charging system. Check with no load and then under load (clutch engaged, lights on, etc..) The short version of this is to check the DC output from the rect-reg (purple wire). It should be 14-14.7V, and should rise when load is applied. If that tests good, then we need to look for a voltage drop in the harness.

    If it doesn't test good, then you need to test the stator. Check the AC input (two white wires), it should be at least 28V (typically higher). If the AC is good, then most likely the rect-reg is bad. If it's not, more than likely the stator is bad but you'll need to ohm it out to ensure.

    For more specific testing you'll need to get the Kawi service manual for your engine. I think they can be purchased/downloaded from their website.

    I hope this helps.


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