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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by blair smock, Sep 29, 2004.

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    Hi guys, looking for an additional back up mower for next year. One thing I cant quite figure out is the lazer CT. I have read everything I could find on the fourm. Why would this not make a good backup for commercial accounts and smaller accounts. When looking at the JD 717a or even the Gravley 44 I think the lazer CT would kick its but! My dealer thinks it is great machine and said the warranty would be the same as a laser hp. I guess I just dont get it, The thing looks like a rock. Can I get some comments as to why this would be a bad idea as a backup or commercial mower for smaller accounts. Has anyone had any problems with the Ct's People? Exmark?

    This is what I am thinking, Backup mower or for smaller commercial accounts. Laser Ct 19hp kawi twin, 48" deck with deck lift and arms. Out the door price of $5100.00 inc tax. what other mower in this class price range is going to be a better deal?
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    The CT would make a great back up machine. In fact it'd make a great primary machine for a lot of guys. Keep in mind that this machine still has the Lazer HP rear frame, the Exmark quality of cut and the Exmark reputation for quality equipment. The CT does have smaller wheel motors, tire, front frame when compared to the HP but it's a great little machine that performs very well. The biggest difference you'll find between it and the Lazer HP and Lazer Z is speed. You'll notice this right away on the parking lot but in the grass on a good thick lawn you don't notice it near as much and in tight heavily landscaped areas you don't notice it at all.



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