Lazer Z "E" vs "S" and Kaw vs Kohler

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by wagspe208, May 4, 2013.

  1. wagspe208

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    I lost a Lazer Z 60" deck with a Kohler Pro 23HP(?) in a fire. It was an 04 model. Great mower. It did not have awesome traction. It would bog soemwhat if I cut deep wet grass. I am just a homeowner with 2.5 acres. The piece had about 150 hours on it. (to give an idea of hours of use per year)
    OK, I am not a yard freak. My grass gets tall at times. I am also not a huge fan of mowing in general. I bought the last mower to replace a tractor style mower.
    OK, so, my choices to replace seem to be an E or S series. Close dealer. Happy with last piece. I am buying an exmark.

    1) Is the "S" series worth the extra 1k? Looks like upgraded seat, bigger front caster, little bigger engine.
    2) Is the Kawasaki better than the Kohler, or vice versa? I never had an issue with the Kohler. I love the old Kaw engines, though.

    The "E" series will have a Kaw FX730 twin.
    The "S" series has the Kohler CV740 Command, OR the Kaw FX801.

    So, opinions? I bought the last mower to be my last mower. Well, fire changed that. I just don't know power vs brand on the new engines.
  2. laman

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    What happen it caught fire?
  3. wagspe208

    wagspe208 LawnSite Member
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    It was in my shop when it burned. Not a mower issue. A shop issue.
  4. 9ball1018

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    All I have ever ran is Kawasaki. I have a 15hp and 6hp with over 4000 hrs on them still running strong. I'm sure kolher makes a great one but Kawasaki has my trust. I think kolhers have hydraulic lifters in them.
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  5. Exmark PR

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    Your local Exmark dealer can schedule a demonstration of these units to help you in making your decision. They are also a great resource for answering any additional questions you might have and helping you determine which mower might serve your needs best.
  6. wagspe208

    wagspe208 LawnSite Member
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    He has the "E" series in stock, no "S" series in stock, therefore no demo on one with more hp.
  7. ddixon7

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    I hate the new Kawasakis. I have 4 new Kawasakis ranging in the 19-24 hp range and only one runs right. My little single cylinder Kawasaki from the early 90s runs great though. I have blown 3 Kawasakis in the last year, all with under 1500 hours. I feel Kawasaki is getting cheaper and cheaper. I have 2 Kohlers. One is a 34hp on a Lazer (with a whopping 36 hours), and the other is a 23 hp on a Turf Tracer. The 23 has well over 1000 hours on it and runs strong. It replaced the original Kohler Command 23hp that died with close to 5000 hours (and it only died because I let it, by this time the rings were bad and it was burning a whole quart of oil every day). I also sold a 23hp Kohler powered Turf Tracer with over 5000 hours to a buddy a couple years ago who still runs the same mower with the original engine every day.

    My 34hp Kohler will not bog down. I mowed a severely overgrown, thick, lush lot the other day with it. It was very wet fescue and it blew through it like nothing. Thats saying something because the Exmark decks do not handle a ton of wet, thick grass well.
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  8. wagspe208

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    Well, I pulled the trigger on an S series today.
    I decided Kohler worked awesome on the old one. No one bitching about them.
    The E series is available with the Kaw engine or the EFI kohler... not spending efi money.
    So, the dealer dropped on a demo x piece for me to mow, and the new one will be here early next week.
  9. wagspe208

    wagspe208 LawnSite Member
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    Got the mower last night. It seems to be a cutting MF.
    It has .1 hours on it. Trying to not thrash it the first couple hours. Have thick, tall grass to cut. ...
    I like the seat MORE than on the Z. The Z floated around to much for my comfort.

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