Lazer Z Engine Swap question!

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by SLS, May 16, 2004.

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    OK, heres the deal....

    I have a 2000 Lazer Z (w/23 hp Kawasaki *FH680D AS05) that is about to click over 1600 hours. It has started seeping oil from the front (under flywheel) oil seal for the second big deal. I've already had to replace it once at around 1000 I know the drill. I just got a new seal and can repair it myself in an afternoon. Otherwise, this engine has performed flawlessly so far...and I am very pleased with it...except I WANT MO POWER!!! And I want to replace it while the ol' 23 is still making power and keep it as a spare.

    Being that the rest of the machine has also performed flawlessly and I LOVE this machine....I want to swap a bigger displacement engine (like a 27 hp) so that mowing damp grass and mulching leaves is not as much of a strain as it is on my ol' 23 Kawasaki.

    Kohler and Kawasaki are both fine with me.

    My concern is primarily that the crankshaft length is correct (end to end) and the existing bracket/extention that bolts to the flywheel and holds the hydro pump ribbed belt lines up (and bolts up) correctly. Also the rear (clutch) side of the crankshaft needs to be the correct length so the mule drive belt is positioned correctly.

    Can any of you experts who are 'in the know' about this engine swap help me out? And assuming or guessing. When I plunk down nearly $2000.00 for a brand new mill I want this swap to work and be as painless as possible.

    Thanks for any suggestions on upping the power and displacement on this fine machine.
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    Send me a pm to with your serial number and I'll see if I can give you an accurate list of what you'll need.



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