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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Alan Bechard, Jun 26, 2002.

  1. Alan Bechard

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    Hey, why dont you guys go back to zerk fittings in the front hub and a single lip seal. I just lost my front bearings at under a year in service, and although the dealer took great care of me the machine still lost a day of work.

    I would much rather shoot grease to it every 8 hours or so and wipe up the splooge that comes out then have a failure. I am also not overly keen on having to replace 4 seals at a couple bucks each every year as part of maintenance.

    Why did you guys do this?

    And please don't take me wrong, I am VERY VERY pleased and this has been an exceptional mower with great dealer support.

    Thanks Al B
  2. eXmark

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    There were several reasons why we switched one of them was that the new design was supposed to be better. In some ways the new bearing is better in other ways we the first generation of this bearing needed some improvements. Several of these have occurred and currently this bearing is holding up much better than previously.

    The tapered roller bearing in the front caster wheel will generally fail for only a few reasons. Not enough grease from the factory, defective bearing, improper installation or inadequate torque load on the bearing. The most common on the first generation of this bearing was improper lubrication from the factory. Currently we're seeing several failures due to improper "torque load" on the bearing itself. It's important that when we assemble the mower or if the wheel is removed to repair a flat that this is checked.

    To verify the "torque load" is set all you'll need to have the front wheels off of the ground (such as when you changing blades) and spin the wheel. With a pretty good spin by hand the wheel shouldn't make no more than 1 - 1.5 complete rotations. If it spins more than that you simply tighten the wheel bolt and spin it again. If we've done our part on the installation and initial lubrication the wheel bearing will generally last much longer than our previous designs.

    Hope this helps. Thanks

  3. Planet Landscaping

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    Terry, Mine went out today also !!! 345 hr lq lazer. Bought it 4\23\01 Will you replace it as defective???
  4. lazer 46

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    As long as we are on the subject, I have spun both front caster wheels on my new Lazer and they will not make a full revolution. Also, there seems to be a rough spot on the left caster wheel. In other words the wheel does not seem smooth when I turn it by hand. Like a flat spot in the bearing. It's under warranty but hard to make money when it is at the dealer for this stuff.
  5. steve122

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    I've got 6 of the lazers running, 3 are in 2nd year of service and 3 are in the 3rd year. Have just had a bearing go out yesterday and have another on the way. I think thats pretty good. We use over 700 tire plugs per year (we cut low income housing projects and its a bed of glass). The wheels have been off every machine many times and have never worried about bearing load. Matter of fact, never even knew about it until I read this thread. Will check them and set correctly and probably loose every bearing in a week.
  6. TLS

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    You NEED to be using ZERO-FLATS. They are a soft solid filled tire and wheel. They come complete with a new wheel, OEM Carlisle tire, and new bearings. Best of all the new wheels come complete with a grease zerK. They ride just a tad stiffer than an air filled one. I would compare its ride to a tire filled to 15 psi (13 is normal).

    The filling looks like a real soft silicone caulk. Its filled up in the valve stem, so I'm guessing that this is whats inside. Both tires are exactly the same size and best of all........NO FLATS!

    My old ones are sitting under the work bench. They each have about 15 wet spots on them from the sealant leaking out. I was adding air on a daily basis.

    This is something that you should really look into if your "in the rough" as I call it.

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