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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by dannyc33, Aug 30, 2003.

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    I noticed the bar that goes across the fron of the Lazer Z LC and XP's. How much does the weight bar on the LC's weight? I'ld like to get a Lc but the extra 300lbs may be alot. If the bar can cut 100lbs or so that would be great.
    Anyone have any idea?
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    Thanks for the question. The weight kit varies between the XP and the liquid cooled Kawasaki as well as between the 60" and 72" decks.

    We would not recommend removing the weight kit. The weight kit helps to maintain proper balance for the machine. More often than not balance is much more important than weight. Any weight advantage you would have by removing the weight will be nullified because you'll loose proper balance between the front and rear tires causing either a decrease in stability or an increase in turf damage as well as rutting.


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    The weight bars on the LC kawi with a 60 are 40lbs each. There are 3 of them so that totals 120lbs. total balast.

    I have removed all 3 of my weight plates, and have noticed MUCH improvement in the handling. In EXTREME uphill conditions (ie: hitting a small bump and accellerating uphill at the same time) I can experience a slight CONTROLLED wheelie. BUT REMEMBER......

    I am running Zero-Flat caster tires (at least DOUBLE that of an air filled caster, plus I am using the weight bar that the Ultra-Vac came with, plus I have the mounting brackets for my Gator Rator mounted.

    With me being 100% sure, you can safely remove 1 weight stack (40 lbs) on a STOCK unit and experience nothing but improved handling. Removing 2 on a totally STOCK unit and you could run into problems in EXTREME uphill maneuvers with it getting a bit light up front. Thats as far as I'd go STOCK.

    However if you NEVER do hills removal of all 3 would benefit greatly in the handling and wetland performance.

    These recommendations are purely suggestive and NOT to be followed without proper care.

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