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Lazer Z overheat

lawn and stump

LawnSite Member
madison ct
I just picked up a 60" lazer z with a 23 kawi.
last mo.My employee said it was low on coolant well
I found out the electric fan was not kicking on. I'm
sure my dealer will fix it but I hope we caught it
be for the motor was overheated. You buy something and
assume it has been tested.who knows how long it was run low?
anybody had a problem with a fan switch?


LawnSite Fanatic
What is the problem, no juice to the fan? Or is there juice there? Maybe a wire came off. Check fan relay on side of unit. Does it click when the engine starts? If yours is a new one, the fan is on all the time (it is on the 27's) The older 22's had a temp sending unit in the block that activated the fan only when engine was hot. Yours may still use this system. If thats the case, then your sending unit is bad. Hope you didn't fry the engine by overheating it. Was there any coolant in your recovery tank when you got it? Mine was a little low now that it is getting cold outside. I would call the dealer immediately and get it checked out. This way it is documented for a possible warranty claim.

Let us know how you made out.


lawn and stump

LawnSite Member
madison ct
Tom I called dealer he said might be sending unit
as he had another experince.I ran a jumper wire to fan and
it worked fine. Just hope my guy didn't over heat it too long, just kills me to have a brand new lazer with a possible warped engine!!