Lazer Z Parts To Keep On Hand

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DieselDeere, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. DieselDeere

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    What parts should be on hand for your Lazers or Z's in general to avoid downtime?
  2. kickin sum grass

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    I have went thru a couple of clutches - 700 hrs on it now, but it seems that is not the norm. I have had to replace the drive belt but that was my own fault sorta. a stick knocked it of the pully and it made a deep gash. Have replaced the bushings on the idler pullys under the engine once and will check them out again this winter. Really there is not many parts need to keep on hand other than general maintenance parts. Hope it helps some.
  3. 65hoss

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    I keep extra belts, plugs, and oil for topoff on the trailer.
  4. as useal hoss hit it on the head extra belts.

    it sucks for the belt from the motor to the mower deck to brake and you aint got a spare and its 25 miles from the dealer .

    oil and plugs are kept in the truck at all times.And a set wrenchs to to do little repairs
  5. John Gamba

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  6. Runner

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    I agree with the belts. Of course, I always keep blades with me, and a few various containers of assorted nuts, bolts, cotter keys, pins, washers, and that sort of thing. Yesterday, I just got a great deal on a spare front wheel and tire for the Lazer. It was left behind at a local tire place, and they had it laying around all summer. They gave it to me for 20 bucks for the wheel and tire both. It's the extra-wide type for the newer Lazers, so it will work on mine - that was why I jumped on it. I will buy the bushing for it, so I won't have to pull the other bushing out when changing it.

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