Lazer Z Question


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SW Missouri
Hey guys,
I'm looking at a used 60" Lazer Z that is for sale. It has the older style 23x10.5x12 tires (they need to be replaced). I was wondering if the newer style 24x12x12 tires will fit of if there was a change in the actual chassis of the mowers to accomodate the larger tires. Any help you can give me would be appreciated.




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SW Missouri
Why bother?
The 23 work fine. What do they want for the mower?
I guess you could make it work. Might have to buy different wheels..
Off course the back of the mower would be an inch higher, so adjusting the deck would be involved. Don't know if the tires would come in contact with the mower at any point.


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No frame change. Wheels are the same. Raises the back of mower frame .5" Tires will fit with no contact anywhere. Slight adjustment (.30-.35") needed on back deck chain.