Lazer Z spindles, HELP!

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by osc, May 17, 2002.

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    I have owned several commercial wb's and ztr's. I attempted to change the blades and spindles on my 72" Lazer Z for the first time last week. I needed to change the spindles because they were starting to wabble, luckily the parts were still under warranty. When I got the nuts loose on the top of each blade bolt I expected the bolts to drop down out of the spindles like they do on most ztr's. and wb's. Instead, they looked like they were part of the spindle itself. I look at the new spindles in the box and I can't figure it out. I peck on the top of the bolt with a hammer with no luck. I call the dealer and they have never changed any spindles on this mower so they are completely clueless as to what I am describing. I decided to pay the dealer to mess with it. One week later they have mushroomed out the top of the bolts from beating on it and ruined the bolts and never did get them out of the spindles.
    Is this normal when changing spindles on a Lazer Z? I've changed a blue million of them and never seen this set up. I couldn't even change the blades. This mower came with a golf course I took over but I don't think I'll buy another if I have to take it to the shop to change blades. If a company is going to put sealed bearings on their mowers then they really should be great bearings.
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    Thanks for the note. I’ve got good news, there’s nothing wrong with the spindle to cause the blades to not come off. More good news is that evidently spindles hold up really well in your area otherwise you dealer would know how to remove them.

    First your approaching the blade removal from the “old style” spindles that most manufacturers used many years ago and still do on the fixed deck walk behind mowers. The current spindle technology does not use a “through” bolt but instead uses a 3” bolt the threads into the spindle shaft rather than runs through the spindle shaft to a nut on the top side. To remove the blades place a large locking pliers on the rear baffle to prevent the blade from spinning. Use and breaker bar, wrench or impact to remove the blade bolt from the bottom of the spindle shaft and just like that you’re done.

    The nut on the top of the spindle shaft holds the pulley in place and puts a clamp load on the spindle bearings. The torque on this nut MUST be 80-90 ft. lbs. If you loosen this nut for any reason you must re-torque it to the proper spec or you will cause the bearings to fail prematurely.

    When removing the spindle shafts you do need to give’m a good wack and in many cases several good wacks but generally a brass punch, block of wood or the top nut should protect the shaft.

    You may want to refer to the parts manual as well as the operators manual for more detail on the spindle assembly as well as other items on the Lazer Z. I think you’ll find that this machine isn’t overly complex, it’s just different than what you’ve had in the past.

    Please e-mail me if you have any further questions or comments at


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    All I can say is I'm LMAO!!!
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    Okay guys,

    What does LMAO stand for. I can put several different combinations in there and not all of them are the most complimentary.

    There's got to be a list of what all of these stand for. Maybe theres a class I can take at the local community college.

    Till Later........TTFN (that's Ta Ta For Now) cause that's what Tigers do best.

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    Laughing my A$& off...
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    Laughing my @$$ u r SO far behind.....what have u been living under a rock!!!!.....?
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    Thanks guys. I'm glad I wasn't too far off. Like I said, none of mine were very complimentary. I'm showing my age again.


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    i know what it means, just not sure why it was said...
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    The point here should be that we are all here to learn. We all started somewhere on the learning curve and none of us have all the answers.

    Just speaking for myself I've learned a great deal from doing things wrong the first time, sometimes doing them wrong the 2nd and 3rd time as well. These are generally the lessons I don't forget easily. Some times these are the painful lessons both on the wallet and my appendages. I just hope that I still have all my fingers and toes as I continue on my learning curve.

    Ironically this isn't the first time this question has been come up. New guys on new equipment and the manuals have been filed away, misplaced or destroyed by the previous employee, owner or technician.


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    ill never forget the first time i pulled a blade on the kind where u do have to hold the top w a wrench while u loosen..
    i had muscles and was showing the guys how stong i was as i cranked on that bottum bolt .after while ,a little light went on . i made everybody go do something else ,while i took it off real quick.lesson learned. think always when u do something even if u think u can do it in your sleep. no i never told anybody. sure they figured it out later though. bythen i was to far away to hear them laughing.:)

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