Lazer Z vs 220 Grasshopper (first impression)


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I just went and bought a new basic Exmark Lazer Z. I used a Grasshopper 220 last year with a 20 hp kohler and 52" deck. I only started mowing a little last year so I would consider myself an amatuer (only mow 8 yards now partime). The Lazer has a 23 hp Kohler and a 60" cut. Both are mid mount. Well first the good and bad about the Lazer Z. It has a better cut, it is faster, it has a free roll bar, the seat is more contoured and has adjustable arm rest, the deck is very heavy built, on the bad side it is not as smooth operating and rides like a road wagon compared to the Grasshopper. The controls are not as well placed and if you get headlights they mount up on the roll bar kinda in the way of branches, also the foot assist lift for the deck is optional. Now the Grasshopper is one smooth operating machine, the seat is softer and it rides much better, all controls are easy to reach, gas guage on fuel tank, but it is slower speed wise and does not react as fast on turns etc. The grasshopper has a much softer seat although exmark makes an optional hydraulic type seat that would probably fix the problem. Best part about the Exmark is I got it for $6,900 dollars, seems like a good price for a 23 hp with 60" deck. The 23 hp Kohler will go up a fairly steep grade in heavy grass without slowing down much so its sufficient power for me. This is just an honest opinion about both machines that I have owned that might help someone that is trying to make a decision between the two. I like both machines and both have strengths and weaknesses. Hope this helps some one.

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