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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by jcs, Jul 27, 2006.

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    I am interested in comparison shopping between the lazer Z 60" deck mower and the lazer HP 56" deck mower. How does the MSRP compare and are there any other considerations for comparison for using with a lawn care company for residential and commercial use? There is only 4" difference in cutting width, can the amount of time save with the larger deck be worth the cost difference? Many thanks for your thoughts and considerations.
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    Hello John,
    Thanks for your interest in the Exmark product line. I asked myself the same question when I came here about productivity and say a 4" wider deck.
    First off the Lazer Z with the 60" deck and 23 hp Kohler Command lists for $8799 while the 23 hp Kawi on the Lazer HP 56" deck lists for $8199. There are a few differences between the HP and the Z. Different size hyd. pumps, larger tires on the Z and higher ground speed with a larger deck adds up to more acres per hour if you are mowing a large area.
    Here are the respective links to compare models.
    Hopefully the gang will add some comments.
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    Dont waste your money on the 23hp Kohler on a 60" deck. If your gonna spend that much cash, get at least the 27 Kohler.

    I have both a Z and a Z hp. the HP has 48" deck with the 21 Kawasaki and it does excellent except on the REALLY REALLY THICK stuff, so to think a 23 Kohler on 60 could do the job would seem like a joke.

    Run dont walk away from the Kohlers, they Blow! Talk to your dealers service dept about them and I am sure they will laugh along with any other LCO's that happen to be within earshot as well.

    If your gonna spend that kind of money on a big Z, get a Kawasaki or the Briggs. Now thats a serious grass eating machine. I would have bought that one but I got a killer deal on the last 2005 Z that the dealer had. Now I wish I would have ponied up the cash and bought the 31/60 Briggs. Did I mention that Kohler Blows?

    Now If you plan on using the 23/60 for residential then please just disregard this entire post.

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