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Lazer Z width

Hardy Enterprises

LawnSite Member
Vicksburg, MS
Is there anybody that has a 72&quot; lazer Z that can tell me the overall width of it with the deflector shield up. I am trying to decide between the 72&quot; and 60&quot;. I am worried the 72&quot; will not go on my small trailer(16'x 6'3&quot;). <p>thanks, <p>Jay


LawnSite Gold Member
I can tell you it probably won't. I have a 72&quot; Chopper and load it on a 6'6&quot; wide trailer with maybe 3/4&quot; on each side. Its real tight and if I don't line up right I have to back down and start over. I don't know how the Lazer could be any more narrow than that but it don't hurt to try.<p>Homer


Hrm.. good question. I know that a 72&quot; chopper will fit on my trailer but barely. If it does fit it will be very close. You should go to your dealer and make sure.


The Lazer is exactly 73&quot; wide with the chute up. Best thing to do is to go to your dealer and load it on your trailer to be sure.<br>Michael