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lazer z with 25 kohler


LawnSite Member
i am considering a exmark lazer z with a 25 horsepower kohler and was wondering if any one has ran this settup and what ya'll think about it ...thanks


LawnSite Bronze Member
I have a 2007 Lazer with a 25hp Kohler and I think it is plenty of power and it doesn't just guzzle fuel. I think it is a pretty efficient setup and have no complaints. I had a 27hp on a 52" Toro and I honestly can not tell a power difference.


LawnSite Senior Member
I bought the Next Lazer Z A/S, 60" cut last summer and it has the Kohler 25 HP on it. I use it here at home and it has a good looking cut. My property has a little of everything, level ground, rough ground, and some hills. Now I don't let my grass get out of control but the 25 has plenty of power for me. It handles great on the hills too. I'm not a small guy, 6'2" and 260 pounds, and it hauls my butt around plenty good. It hasn't bogged down on me yet but like I said I don't let my grass get out of hand.
At work I use the Next Lazer Z 60" cut with a 29 HP Kawasaki and that has some great power. I've cut stuff 2' and higher with it. Just slow down and it cuts it. I do make a second cut on the tall stuff but it does a good job.
Sorry for going astray there. For my needs the Lazer A/S 60" cut with the 25 HP Kohler is a good machine. I wasn't sure about the 25 at 1st but after I demoed it I knew it would be just fine.


LawnSite Bronze Member
what i want to no is if the engine holds up
Good engine, once you get to about 200 hrs. of service, switch to full synthetic oil and you'll be a happy camper.