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Lazer Z XS


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Hey, need some input:

I am considering purchasing a 60 inch Lazer Z xs. I visited a local dealer and got some prices on the 35 hp Briggs Vanguard model. They quoted one for around $11,000 with tax ($10,400 + around $700 sales tax (-) small amount of wheelin' and dealin'= $11,000). My purchase will probably be at the end of the season. Is this a good price and please tell me everything I need to know about this 35 hp Briggs Vanguard. Is it better than the 29 hp DFI liquid cooled Kawasaki engine($11,500 out the door)? Will it hold its value? The dealer said that both of these engines were rated for 2,500 hours so longevity is not the issue. He also said there were a lot more expensive things to go wrong on the Kawasaki. He replied, "If the Kawasaki was rated for more hours then I would suggest buying it, but because it is not, durability is not the issue?" True or False? Does simplicity matter for these engines as far as maintenance and repair? If my accounts are both large and small, do I need to consider a different model, or can I maneuver the xs sufficiently? Curses for missing the 0% for 36 months financing by a day. What are the chances it will be coming back?


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I do not understand why you would buy at the end of the season. You only get 2 years of warranty. So if you buy in Sept/Oct, the machine sits all winter and in April you start it up, cut 1 season, put it away, cut your second season and warranty is done. Most of your breakdown hapen at start up in April. So my buying happens in June/July. The reason for this is I get 1/2 season to break in and 2 start ups to have warranty work done, so realistically you get a 3 year warranty.
Secondly I have heard the DFI has problem so I would wait until they have worked out the kinks.
Third why not go to Diesel?
As far as your account I run the XP 60 diesel and use it on tiny lots as well as acre properties.
The only thing I have to warn you about is the aggressiveness of the drive with the 21cc pumps. All my turn are 3 point turns to avoid ripping grass out. I only use the zero turn on fields where no one will be walking to see the ripped grass.


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I think the Kaw would last a bit longer but the power of the Briggs side by side against the Kaw is undeniable. It's hard to be satisfied with power after running the big blocks.

Gruneich Lawn Care Inc.

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Any where around 11,000 to 11,700 seems to be the going rate for the 35hp 66". The big blocks have insane amounts of power, mine is fairly good on gas, although I only have 38 hours on it so far. My dealer does not recomened the DFI motor to anyone, he doesnt like it at all, he is one of the few dealers that actually has the EFI software to work on efi motors. As long as your carefull when your turning you shouldnt have any problems. If you are worried about your turns alot, maybe look at a Lazer Z instead, they dont weight as much as the big XS's. I think the 0% was a spring promotion to move some units,


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currently have 2 hustlers. 72 and a 60" efi. anybody running botht he XS and hustler super Z to figure out the pros and cons?



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The XS sit a LOT higher and don't have the hill holding ability of the SuperZ


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Albany Ky
Bought two 66 with the 35hp motor first of the year. All kinds of power. Would sell one if interested. Don't need that wide of cut in all my lawns.

YB Legal

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we demoed a 60" xs, was not all that impressed with it. however the 66"(which we bought two of), is much better. i think the 66" is more balanced than the 60, seems to track a little better on hills more. they are fast though, they cut decent i guess for what they are designed for. i still think my 60" toro cuts better than the exmark. as far as manuverabililty, it is noticeably bigger than a regular z, it does take some time getting used to the speed and pumps. it all comes down to what you plan on doing with the mower, if you have a lot of places you can open it up the speed is nice, but if you are more concerned with cut, than you may want to look at other models. it does not like hills either, but hte 66 does a little better. just some food for thought.