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Lazer Z


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Newberry FL
Anyone compare Exmark to the John Deere 757
I know the exmark 60" is a great mower but what about the 60"757
I have used the deere quit a bit and own a 60 Exmark they are both good mowers but I like the Hustler for where I am, just plain more productive in FL!


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I just bought an exmark 60" AS. Came with a 28HP Kawisaki. Collection system also, of course. If I had to choose, I'd sell my kids into slavery than to be without this machine :D


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exmark once you get over 23 hp you have to go with a Kohler or vanguard engine

No they have Kawasaki on almost all models, even the AS but it's new to that line this year. Your dealer may have left over 06 models or not be aware of the change. I think I'm on my 6th or 7th Kohler without a repair though. Zero....


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The JD 757 is a great mower with a great cut from what I hear. If 25 hp is enough for you then it would be a great choice (I think). On the other hand an Exmark has a much larger engine selection and the AS Series is very competitive price wise with a larger engine option. Close call. Go here and see


I have the AS series it's a 52" cut and I love it.....


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I have both and both have their good points. The JD will cut wet grass well and hold hills like no other although whatever you cut off comes out the chute, it doesn't cut clippings very fine. The exmark will flat out run circles around the deer on the flat ground or moderate slopes. If I didn't have steep hills I'd go with the exmark for everything. Clean cut, smooth ride nice machine. Both have been mechanically sound machine brands.