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I just got a Lazer Z 60" and was just wondering if anyone has custmized there's? I was thinking of putting a light bar on the deck so I could mow at night and another seat I think this one is a little on the hard side. Other then that it's great!!


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i have the toro z master...... almost the same mower so it has the same seat. it is very hard but i cant decide if i can justify spending 200+ bucks for a suspension seat. has anyone added a suspension seat and is there a big diffrence.

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Congradulations Chad. Check with your dealer, maybe you can upgrade the seat for not much more.<p>----------<br>&lt;a href=&quot;;&gt;Eric@ELM&lt;/a&gt;<br>


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Evan528, where can you buy a suspension seat for $200. My deal wants $500 and the Toro dealer wants $570. I would love a better seat, but I just can't spent that much!


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I've got this seat on my Lazer EPS.Whatever you have to pay,you'll be glad you did! You can mow flat out full throttle no problem,and not be so beat up at the end of the day.It will add years to your back,at least compared to my old DixieChopper seat!<p>----------<br>DON<br>LIANNES' MOWING


I took the front corner anti-scalp rollers off mine adn converted them to casters. Used the same rollers, just made castering mounts for them. Got sick of having them dig in whenever I was turning into a change in grade.


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I'm not too sure about your manufacturer but I have a price list for Walker and the seat options are hard seat, standard. upgrade 1 comfort seat (more padding) trade +182.00. upgrade 2 suspension seat trade +489.50 or NEW $577.80. Wow, I guess if you need it its cheaper than repeated trips to a chiropractor unless she's good looking.

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