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LazerZ or Toro ZMaster?


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Cecil County, MD
i'm getting ready to make a decision on a new ztr. wanted to know if any of you guys had experience or opinions of either of these machines. both are '04 models, 27hp kohler w/ 60" decks. toro is exactly $100 more than lazer z. same dealer. does anyone have experience concerning quality of cut of the two decks? i know the toro has adjustable baffle; dealer told me that lazer z blades disperse clippings better than toro. other than that, does anyone know how these things work in the field? thanks for any help you can provide. think spring!!!
People on here have different opinions about both machines. Best thing you can do is demo both of them and make the decision on your own since it is the same dealer that has both machines.

Green Pastures

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Toro and Exmark are the same thing with the exception of the decks.

If you mulch more often go with the exmark.

If you side discharge more often go with the Toro.


Demo both to be sure.


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Olathe, Kansas
What if you are bagging all the time? The new Toro 3 bag collection system seems to be almost the exact same as the ultravac?


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st pete, FL
I have the 04 lazer 27horsepower kohler 52inch. It is great. Cuts excellent, i have had it in some long weedy grass, and it went through it great. The maintenance is a breeze. Sealed bearings in the spindels, Packed bearings in the forks. Oil is very easy to change, not hard to get to is what i mean. And lots of aftermarket parts. I would not think twice about it, and go with Exmark.


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I just bought a Toro Z588E, EFI, 60'' turbo force deck, side discharges fantastic, even in long thick stuff, e.g when I demoed it I found 2' tall rubbish, thick and damp, at a walk speed this deck would throw clippings a good 12 ft, even 16'.

Finer work it sprays out with smaller clippings and throws just as far, playing with the baffle meant in my 1.5 hour play meant in this thick stuff the mower could cut and not bog, reducing the baffle made it work more but spread the clippings better.

Mulching....well I only have had high lifts on all week, mulches fantastic, love to see real mulching blades on! Mulch is fibrous clippings shreaded over and over, not a worry, even in taller thicker stuff.

The 28hp efi kohler is very powerful, full of grunt.

The opperating position is excellent, suspension seat, vertually indestructable chassis and 7 guage deck.

A ton of fun to mow with after my front deck seen to the left, it was good, this newy is great!

And front forks only need greasing 1 time per year, everything else is every 25 hours.

Even a purpose built chalf guard to protect the flywheel fan!

As far as performance of the deck, I'm extremely impressed.

Mower build and design, excellent, very beafy!

Deck is offset to the left for trim yes, this alone saved me a few hours of trimming this week so far, very well thought out...well this is the model range they built to put them up with exmark, hustler.

Now the bit most would leave out...this new mower which I officially pay for this arvo is broken down on my trailer, we are hoping it is a dirty feul filter, these engines have a sensor thing that detects proplems, so we'll know later.

But this is nothing against the machine or model, just the electrics protecting everything.

Toro and Exmark are very good, yes Toro owns Exmark but are still running as 2 seperate companies...but I think some idea sharing is going on....look at the shape of the new turbo force deck....

You could get a thousand replies to your thread, only way is demo, but you are talking about 2 market leaders here:)


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Cecil County, MD
Thanks for the info. As for the two being the same machine, it's my understanding that although Toro owns eXmark, the Lazer Z is still made to eXmark's specs. That doesn't stop Toro from copy designs, since they do own the company, at least that's how it was explained to me. They do look a lot alike, the ZMaster seems to sit maybe a little higher (different seat). I will demo each. Just looking for the best cut.
i have a lazer z hp and i have used full sized lazer z 's in my former partnership and i have a toro 557 60 inch turbo force deck..discharges excellent ..and id give the edge in cutting quality to the toro 557 by a hair over the exmarks.
Like tony said the 7 gauge steel deck and the frame seem indestructable..couple minor things about the toro ...the way the drive wheels are its harder to see the drive tires when makeing turns...the hour counter you have to raise the seat to see it.
either mower exmark or toro 500 series ... id recommend highly ..