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I had a customer who kept telling me not to block her mailbox when I parked in front of her house: "They won't leave my mail!" Well, I thought she was nuts, and besides, on that street there just wasn't anywhere long enough to park my truck/trailer without blocking either a mailbox or a drive.

But then I found out the mail carriers--driving route, boxes at the curb--really aren't required to get off their lazy unionized butts and take ONE STINKIN' STEP to reach a mailbox. A couple of times I watched carriers zip right by without stopping at the box I was just semi-blocking--that is, the front or back of my rig was close enough to the mailbox that they couldn't reach it from the seat of the little Grumman step vans they use. And not even a glance in my direction--avoiding eye contact?

So now if I am on one of those streets without enough space to leave clear access to a mailbox, I keep an eye out for the mail truck. If I see him coming, I try to stay close, so when he comes by, I can stand there near the mailbox with the door hanging open and my hand out to take the mail and put it in the box for him. Don't want one of my old lady customers worrying about why they didn't get the interest statement for their CD's.

Do you think I am going too far here?
Originally posted by mbricker
Do you think I am going too far here?

Nope not at all. I believe it's a felony to obstruct mail delivery. Personally I'd be reluctant to handle someone else's mail.
School busses are something else I don't give a problem.



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To avoid that situation, I always try to park on the opposite side of the street, away from the mailbox, if possible. I have run into your situation before, but never had anyone complain, knock on wood. I understand where you are comming from, though.


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I mow in some neighborhoods where the mailman parks and walks. One day, I watched him sitting in the truck, reading a biker magazine, then go deliver it. They got it made.


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Hey Mbricker-We had the same thing happen 2 years ago. The back of the trailer was close to the mailbox, the mailman drove on by. This was in a Cul-de-sac in a nice neighboorhood, and we had nowhere else to park the truck. The next day, he left a note on the mailbox, telling the homeowner he could pick his mail up in the local office since his mailbox was "undeliverable:..WTF?? Both days I tried to go and move when I saw him, and he just kept going...kinda like the mailman on Funny Farm w/ Chevy Chase....Whatever...Just remember, the Post Office is the oldest government branch in the US.What they say, goes, or else you will..


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if anyone deserves a tip, it's my mail lady. i have watched her go down my street several times. she is on a mission, to deliver every piece, no matter what. she gets out all the time, (quite a few times for me, i frequently have something in front of my box)...thanks mail lady!

when there is a sub, he's a bit more lazy. if i have a vehicle near the box, he delivers my mail to my neighbor. weird. i have gotten theirs on the occasion when theirs is blocked and the sub is running the route.


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Working for the Postal Service has to be the worst way to make a living. Everytime I see one of them they have a frown, are fat, uncomunicative & do anything to keep from doing real work.

Some years ago I approached a window wantingg to buy some Grace Kelley stamps. ( Always thought she was the most beautifull woman God ever created). The lady at the window says "I'm all out."

Thinking quickly I ask " Does the bozo next to you have any?"

"Yes...but he has a different cash drawer." she replied.

He speaks up and says. "I can loan her"

She rolls her eyes and offers them to me like it just killed her to do it.

Life is funny some times.



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You need a clip board...Had a buddy of mine that worked at a post office years ago and said if you had a clip board everyone thought you were having to report on something. So just stand there when they come by with your clip board and act like your making notes about what they are doing. Ask them to do what you want does and look back at you clip bord a few times


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the goods ones understand you're there working and will get out. Some are jerks and will leave you some silly warning. But you have to realize, they make thousands of stops a day and if even 10% of them were blocked with cars parked or workers' rigs, they'd be slowed down quite a bit. Individually, it doesn't seem like a big deal, but I'm sure they get tired of it too.

It's like us with kid's toys in the yards. Every now and then, no big deal. But if every lawn had them every time it'd be something you have to charge for.

The only time I park blocking a mailbox with my truck and trailer is when the homes are so close together there is no choice. But that's rare.

Odds are the minute you park in front of a mailbox the mail carrier will be there before you leave. Just seems to work out that way.


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I am compelled to think of them as lazy too if they won't get out of the truck, but I wouldn't want someone thinking of me as lazy if they saw me hesitant to move a hose. If there was a hose at every 5th stop, after a while I would be in a bad mood too.

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