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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by TNT Lawncare, Jun 25, 2008.

  1. TNT Lawncare

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    For personal reasons, I am selling my business, equipment and accounts. I am not going to split up anything, so don't ask but this is a great deal. It is priced to sell very quickly. As far as the accounts go, there are 11 commercial accounts and 3 residentials. I am not going to go into detail on them until someone shows me some money as others might try and steal these accounts if they knew how much I charged for them. As far as how much you will make from them, just in mowing you can expect between $5,000 and $6,000 a month. These all can be done in 2 1/2 or 3 days with a 3 person crew. There is always landscaping to do. I have given away over $20,000 in landscaping so far this year as I didn't have enough time to do it. Also, snow plowing comes with most of these commercial accounts. Being solo, I made close to $40,000 in Dec, Jan, and Feb combined this past winter.
    As far as equipment goes, here is what you get:
    2001 Toro Z-Master 72" mower--1350 hrs
    2001 Exmark Metro 36" walkbehind---maybe 400 hrs
    new 250 lb tow behind spreader
    Echo Shred N Vac
    Echo HC-150 Hedge Trimmers
    Tow Behind model Trac-Vac
    2001 GMC Sierra Z71 (good condition, 125,000 miles)
    2006 Blizzard 760 Speedwing Plow
    2006 Blizzard 860HD Straight Plow
    14 foot Big Tex Trailer w/Knaack Weather Guard tool box welded on
    Green Touch Xtreme 3 position trimmer rack

    The price is $40,000. This is priced to sell very quick!!! About half of that price is equipment. You can very easily make that money back this year. It is also very easy to do $75-100K a year in business with this business. PM me and check out the website.
    I am looking to sell now so don't delay.
  2. TNT Lawncare

    TNT Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    I am serious. This is a great opportunity! Who wouldn't like to do another 100K in business a year?
  3. TNT Lawncare

    TNT Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    I guess I should have mentioned that snow plowing comes with most of these accounts as well.
  4. TNT Lawncare

    TNT Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    I cant believe that no one on here has any interest at all. I have already made more this year than I am asking for the whole package. It anyone bought it right now, they could expect to make their money back this year and then some, depending on how much snow we get.
  5. Mowerboy04

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    wish i was closer good luck with the sell here a free bump for ya
  6. Mlc gmc03

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    might be asking a lil to much not trying to give you a hard time but the main mower is older and not very versitle and also the truck is up there in miles a bit it might actually be in your best interest to split it up for a quicker sale
  7. TNT Lawncare

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    I know what your saying about the mower and the truck, however, I figure anyone who would want to buy would already have a business and could use this as a second crew or whatever. I keep everything maintained and all my equipment is kept in my garage when not in use. I bought my truck from a farmer who lived 20 miles from anywhere so most of the miles are highway miles. As for the mower, alot of LCO's can put this many hours on a machine in one year. This one has been taken care of. If it needs something, I take care of it. A mower like this new is every bit of 12g's. I figure my truck with the plow is worth 12g's. Blue book on the truck is right around 9. Plus all the other stuff. The accounts are the ticket. Pure money.
  8. TNT Lawncare

    TNT Lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    As far as maybe asking too much, I mean, no one has offered less or told me that this is what I should be asking. I am asking what my equipment is worth plus about 25% of what can easily be made in one year with the accounts. Seems pretty reasonable to me.
  9. benjnort

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    Hey I am from NW Indiana and I am a bi-vocational pastor would this be a good thing for me? Church 4 days a week. I have a small lawn care company now?
  10. phlandscaping

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    How long have you had these accounts for?

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