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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by landscaper22, Nov 5, 2007.

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    I was thinking last night....As owners of lawn care businesses we would all have one cool list of job titles for a resume or job application if we ever applied for a corporate job...Well it could apply to other business owners from many other careers also, but this is about lawn care. I can just picture how the interview would go now...

    Inverviewer: "So Mr. John Doe, I see from your application that you are the owner of a lawn care and landscaping company."
    Job Candidate: "Yes I am"
    Interviewer: "How would you say that owning and working in a career that involves mowing lawns and installing landscapes qualifies you to be a manager at our compnay that manufactures widgets?
    Job candidate: "Well that is a very good question...I could sart by giving you a list of all the job titles I have held over the last ___ years.

    1) Business Owner (Decision Maker)
    2) Lead Foreman (Supervise Others...Sometimes you may end up supervising yourself...but that's another discussion)
    3) Common Laborer (Not affraid to work and get dirty)
    4) Human Resource Manager (Hire, Fire, & Manage confidential employee documents.)
    5) Customer Relations Rep. (Sell services, give prices, handle complaints)
    6) Collections Manager (Send late notices, phone calls, collect payments, make threats, and sometimes act on them...Like Daricek)
    7) Equipment Maintenance Manager (fix equip., change oil, blades, ec...)
    8) Counselor (customes & employees have a desire to share problems with us)
    9) Training Coordinator (Train new employees)

    And the list could probably go on...

    "So, Mr. Doe, when can you start? Today? Now? can start by filling out those TPS reports...Yeah, didn't you get the memo?" :confused:
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    I like all my job titles....just don't like having to do most of them in the same day :laugh:
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    That's the way it goes though. That was my point here. People think we are just the lawn boy...All you do is cut grass, right! What kind of career is that....You can't be qualified for any other type of job. We're business owners that provide a service to others, not lawn boys and girls....They can call us what they will as long as they keep paying up......:)

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