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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by Sprinkler Buddy, Apr 17, 2013.

  1. Toro 455

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    Stokers..Longcut Wintergreen. By the 12 oz. tub.

    Yesterday I mowed a customer that has signs posted at the driveways that says, "TOBACCO FREE ZONE". Not even the truckers smoke!
    I miscalculated and put in a big wad just before I mowed the front of the office. Swallowed a lot of really brown juice. I came home from work a little green. My wife asked me "Are you getting that stomach virus?" I answered, "Just a long day at work." (I wasn't in the mood to hear that lecture about quitting again.)

    Back to the topic. I work under the premise that "THEY PAY ME TO MOW, I TRIM FOR FREE. Customers don't care how I keep it looking neat, just that it's done.
    I do everything possible to eliminate trimming. If I edge a bed it's the deluxe version. I use a bed edger and install bed edging. I use soil sterilant around foundations with pea gravel to cover the mud. I get compliments on how good it looks. Plus it's all billed as "extras".
    Most sterilants aren't approved for residential use and are tricky to use.

    I figure they're not paying me so they can watch me sweat. They're paying for a well maintained property.

    Sometimes LCO's do get paid for their "performance" on the job. I'm just not that good looking that anybody would want to see that.:laugh:
  2. wegomow

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    :nono:Even with clearly marked water bottles that is a clear violation in NC. It is never a good idea to put weed killer in drink bottles. Suppose the bottle falls out on the ground and a toddler finds it. He can't read the clearly marked drink bottle. Don't mean to come down on you but it is a bad practice.
  3. wegomow

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    "Howard Leight" ear protectors/ headphones plugged into iphone and listening pandora radio rocks my day. Allman Brothers, John Lee Hooker and EC are my working stations.
  4. ncnurseryman

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    Great tips. Really need one of this gate lift assist. I've seen them in the northern tool catalog. Anyone used that one?
  5. clydebusa

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    Got a set for my 5 x 14, they work great, and it is a extra long heavy duty gate.
  6. Greg78

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    Made my own gate lift assist. A heavy duty spring, PVC pipe, couple of pulleys, braided wire and some clamps.
  7. bmulvey

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    from cda id
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    Walk backwards to weed eat. Way faster and if a rock comes up, it hits you not the BMW ;)

    Carry a small spray bottle with pre mixed weed killer in a sprayer and hang it on the handlebars of your mower so you can just stop while mowing, grab the bottle, squeeze the trigger and BAM spot treatment on the SPOT:clapping:
  8. M&L

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    I save a little bit of time when I'm using my 21" by using a spring clamp on the throttle lever to empty the bag and move obstacles. Probably save a lot of wear on my engine with not having to restart it so many times as well.

    (I know I could save some time by switching to a 36, but we all start some where)
  9. mikeypizano

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    if you had a Honda like I do you don't need to clamp the bails... :laugh:
  10. Armsden&Son

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    An ice scraper is what us northern guys use to get the ice off of the windshields in the morning..... It's pure coincidence that it is a perfect deck scraper!

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