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    The logic to this is flawed. Every time you open the throttle you create a momentary lean condition. Lean conditions cause higher temps and greater wear. Back in the day when they had screws, you could richen them a bit. Fuel is part of the way a 2 stroke cools itself. Are you sure you don't feathering the throttle?
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    I tell my guys the exact opposite
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    Putty knife works great too
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    Teach your trimmer helper to trim and edge along the walkways and driveways FIRST so that when you get done mowing, you can blow everything off while he's still trimming around the trees and beds.
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    I was always taught when trimming to keep the throttle at half. When edging go all out if need be
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    Can't add much that already has been said, some good everyday tips here! I don't mow wet grass, unless on the rare occasion I get caught in an unforeseen shower. Nothing like spending extra time cleaning decks, blowing off wet sidewalks, and clump laden lawns for the same money. I'd rather be behind schedule then deal with that mess. That wet, nasty tall grass will be there another time, when its dry. :D
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    Carry coppertone sport aerosol sunscreen goes on in 15 seconds and dries quick because nobody has time for sunburn.

    also carry purel hand sanitizer, apply liberally to legs, arms and hands after trimming if you hit poison ivy or think you did it will prevent you from getting poison ivy.
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    Surely everyone does it but no one mentioned it... Carry a 5 gallon bucket and a dot grabber on mowers while mowing big properties to pick up trash, pine cones, rocks, etc... Keeps the operator from having to get on/off mowers and engaging/disengaging blades.
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    I scrub the sidewalks with a mix of 1 part lime 3 parts sand and a brush on a long handle. Wet it first, scrub then rinse it. The lime and sand that washes in along the sidewalk keeps the dirt from sticking to the pavement and greens the sod. Don't blow it all over the Camaro. Here is another, when you edge a zoysia lawn, throw the scraps in a bucket and plug a trouble spot somewhere else, or use as a nurse crop.

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