LCO's and lack of maintainence.....

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tallimeca, Jun 2, 2007.

  1. tallimeca

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    First off let me say that i have many commercial customers that are good, but MOST OF THEM are horrible.

    They don't believe in grease guns, oil changes and cleaned the built up grass off the machine. They DO BELEIVE in complaining when the machine is broken.

    I had a crew drop off a Navigator they bought last season. Just under 500 hours on it. I didn't write up the work order but I walked out side and was like WTF???

    I have to take pictures. The thing is covered, COVERED in dust and grass. All that was wrong is they got the discharge chute from the deck caught on a pieces of the tailgate and luckily snapped on of the screws off that holds it on.

    So looking at the condition of the machine, for shits and giggles i pull the dipstick to check the oil. Oil? What oil!!!! Almost empty and like black paint!!!!

    So i pull the air filter.....HOLY ****!!!! Packed with dust!!!

    How can you spend 10k+ on a machine like this and let your guys destroy it. The front caster wheel bearings are dry as a bone.

    I called the owner and left him a message to drop by the shop monday morning so i can make him aware of the situation. If he brings the thing in with a blown motor or something, I won't even lift my finger to call Kohler about warranty repair if it comes in looking like this again.

    What do you guys do? I would make each crew be responsible for servicing/cleaning the equipment. No reason not to spend an hour a week greasing, cleaning, changing the oil, and sharpening the blades. I just can't believe it.

    10 minutes later, a guy drops off a Walker and a Scag walk behind. Same thing!!!! He said the blower wasn't turning on the Walker. I looked real quick and couldn't even see the blower, never mind the belt there was so much grass. The Scag looked like it was used as a mudflap on a monster truck!!

    Oh by the way guys, don't bring your machines in for repair with the bags full of grass. Dealers do not appreciate that. I dump it in a trash bag and put it on the deck for them to take with it when they pick it up.
  2. Sharp Services

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    I think I will change the oil in my machine tommrow afternood! :)
  3. pugs

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    Yah, I see that all the time. Either hardly any oil or just enough to maybe touch the Low line.

    Then I have the other end of the spectrum with guys complaining about new Bobcats or Wright machines that do not have grease fittings on the spindles or other places they think they should be. I have to explain to them that they are in the 10% of people that might actually bother to grease them. The other 90%+ probably do not own a grease gun.

    Then there are the guys that bring their machines to me for oil changes/grease/blade sharpening every month or couple weeks or whatever...dunno how they can make any money doing it that way but to each his own.
  4. jrc lawncare

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    None of my exmarks ever look that nasty. They get hit with a grease gun twice a week minimum, + air filters cleaned. I am a maintenance nut, to the point of being in my shop till 10 pm some nights, making sure all is good to go the next day. My exmark dealer knows it too, when one of our tracers has to go in the shop for something I don't have time for, It's something due to normal wear & tear. For example, My 2003 tthp is still on it's first engine, if that means anything.
  5. dmk395

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    I agree, and follow most of the maintenance guidelines for my mowers. Very important and its sucks having downtime, that can be avoided!
  6. stephenslawncare

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    I cant believe someone would dump that much into a machine and just not take care of it. Here is my maintainence schedule...

    Change oil...25 hours
    Change oil filter...50 hours
    Grease sulky...daily
    grease caster wheels...10 hours
    clean air filter...daily
    change aif filter...50 hours
    hydro...dont even want to mess with it (horror stories)
    sharpen blades...daily
    clean deck...daily
    I think thats it. I think i have maintenance O.C.D.???
  7. ed2hess

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    I usually go in to our Dealer weekly and I go into the repair area just to see what model/brands are being serviced. It is hard to believe the condition of most of units....most hardly look like they are worth repairing. They had a Scag Tigers that fell off trailers and rolled that were waiting for an engine and a few other parts. Most of the machines look they were hit by bombs in Iraq.....most of units are in such bad shape they use fork lift to move them in/out of the way each day. If you ever had any doubt if Scag, Exmark or Walker stands up to abuse come on down and take a look at these units. I think they had over 100 units waiting for service. Somewhat of a surprise was 50 21" Honda units all lined up for repair....apparently it is a very very big seller in our area.
  8. Howard Roark

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    I have witnessed the very same thing, most likely at the very same dealer. And then the hombre walks into the shop on a Saturday after rolling his piece of crap off his trailer, gets in my damn way while I'm attempting to buy trimmer string, and can't "comprende" why they are 4 weeks behind on what appears to be yet another major repair job. They treat the equipment like they live their lives......just gettin' by with the minimum.
  9. Stillwater

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    Oh by the way guys, don't bring your machines in for repair with the bags full of grass. Dealers do not appreciate that. I dump it in a trash bag and put it on the deck for them to take with it when they pick it up

    You sound like the dick that happends to be at every J.Deere dealership, and you got your priorities backwards, If I buy 10, 10,000 dollar ztr's and 1 broke on a job, I can tell you my first priority is getting it to your dam dealership ASAP So I can feed my kids, What exactly are you saying That I need to wash and wax the ztr and clean and dust the bag before you touch it? Dude your priority should be fixing my mower fast and with a smile, Not complaining about a dusty lawn mower or grass in the bag or low oil fix my mower and if it is broken becouse I did not have enough oil in the mower so what then bill me

    I am paying you 70 dollars an hour for you to FIX my mower not empty my bagger and put it in a trash bag and place it on my mower.
  10. mike33087

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    thats exactly how i feel!

    my dealer has to have the worst attitude in the world, problem is that he is the only one around and he knows it. so he thinks his **** dont stink. for example friday morning i call up there and ask if i can leave the mower to have new tires put on it. they say yea bring it right in we can have it for you this afternoon, i was like no rush i dont need it till tuesday morning so do your thing, well i get there and the owner is like wtf why didnt you just take the rims off and we can mount the tires now i gotta pulla guy off a job to F with your damn machine .... basically B***tch and moan, i tell him wtf i have no idea how to take the tires off its your job thats what i pay u for. this dude gives everyone attitude when they go in there, i was ticked off so i got into it with him, i was like ya know if i treated my customers the way u treat us, there was like 5 other lco's in there at the time, none of us would have any business and well you wouldnt either. he was like w/e and walked away.
    i was so pissed i drove the 1/2 hr to the other dealership and set up an account there and so on.

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