LCO's are crap to people

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by kc2006, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. kc2006

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    Ever notice we as lawn care companies are crap to people? I try to present as much of a professional image to people as possible and think I'm more professional then some actual "professional" contractors, IE construction companies, plumbers, roofers, electricians. Yet people still put us at the bottom.

    If a yard is brown, your cutting it higher and less frequently, your blades are sharp, your doing all you can, and they have trugreen out there efing it up. It's your fault. Because "Trugreens a national company, they must know what they're doing". Yet i have a license and all my yards I fert are nice and green.

    Or like situation. Yesterday a property manager for a plaza I maintain calls up and says he got a complaint because I took a pizza huts signs after I mowed on Tuesday the 7th. I haven't been there since August 31st. I call him back, leave a message saying that, say I never even remove the signs they're trimmed around. I also mention BTW you owe $1500. They always do this where they go 3 months behind then pay at once. I get a call this morning Pizza hut district manager throwing a fit on my voicemail that I need to return the signs as soon as possible or I'll be paying for them. I call him back and get on him and explain the situation, instantly "oh its ok, i'm just tryin to find them buddy, I wasn't accusing you of anything".

    The biggest thing I hate of this business, is that we are nothing to people and everyone things we're just trash that will mow their yard for 10 bucks.
  2. weed wacker 2

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    I feel your pain brother
  3. yardguy28

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    i could really care less what anyone thinks of me and my profession.

    as long as people are hiring me and paying me to do there work i don't care if they put me at bottom.

    the goal in my business is to do what i love and make the money i need to live. as long as that happens i don't care who has me at the bottom or disrespect my profession.

    sometimes i'm inclinded to agree with people who put lco's at the bottom because at least on a site like this too many of them whine all the damn time about this or that. how many threads are there where an lco is complaining they don't get respect or titles like "these are the type of clients you don't want".

    do your job and shut up. as long as your getting business and making a profit who gives a damn what people think of you.
  4. bradseabridge

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    quoted FOR TRUTH!
  5. kc2006

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    Eh I guess some people just have more self respect and live a life to a higher standard than others.
  6. Sweet Tater

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    can I get an AMEN Brother:clapping:
  7. yardguy28

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    its not about self respect and living a life of higher standards.

    if it's one thing i don't understand in this world in general, not just lawn care is why people care what others think of them?

    the only people i'm concerned with are my family and friends. if i don't know you from adam i could care less what you think of me. why spend your life trying to impress everyone and trying to get everyone to think so highly of you? what does it get you in life?

    my point being for the lawn industy side is that where your clients place you on the list doesn't get you any more money or business. why would it bother you if you had 100 clients and take home pay was 100,000 a year and your clients all put you at the bottom of the list?

    your getting paid, your staying busy, your providing for your family. if the clients all think your a jerk who cares. it's not like your suffering with lack of work or money.

    i'm in this business for me, myself and i. and i'm sure so are the rest of you. we are all doing this business to make money to provide ourselves and familys with the needs in life. so as long as we are doing that why care what people think of us?
  8. 93Chevy

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    There's an element of "I don't care what people think" in this industry and having self-respect. (This is not directed toward any particular post)


    I don't care if people think of me as a "lawn boy" however, I treat every lawn as if "it were my own" (finished product looks as good as possible).

    I don't care if people rag on me because I'm only part-time self-employed, however I do keep my personal and business separate, I wear company shirts when I work for myself, and I try to keep a professional front.

    I don't care if people look down on me because I drive a 15 year old truck, however I always keep my truck clean, 95% rust free (for now), complete exhaust system (no leaks/cracks), and I keep the mechanical side of it maintained so it doesn't leave me stranded.

    So while I've been brought up most of my life to "not care what anybody else thinks," I try to "take care of myself" so to speak by treating everybody (almost) and myself with respect.

    So I guess my point is that I agree with most of the prior posts, but there's a little more in my thought process as well.
  9. yardguy28

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    i know your post wasn't directed towards a certain poster and neither is this post i'm about ot make.

    i to "take care of myself".......

    i do it for myself, for my family and for my friends. no body else. because i truely don't care what anyone else things of me. if the next door neighbor thinks i'm an @ss so what. if my clients put me at the bottom of list who cares. if people on this forum find me to be full of sheot oh well.

    each and every day i wake up i spend being myself. you don't like who i am, thats to bad. you don't like my profession, you don't have to. you consider me just the lawn monkey who cuts your grass, fine.

    my happiness is not based off of pleasing others, especially people i've never met or don't know on a personal basis.

    i will always fail to see the point in whinning about things such as this issue. if it really bothers you that people put you at the bottom of the list get a different job. whinning about it isn't going to make it better.

    maybe i see things in a more simple light than others. my focus in my business is doing what i love and getting paid the money i need to have the essentials in life. thats it. i don't care about respect from the clients. i don't care if the see me as just the guy who cuts the lawn. my goals in life are being met as long as i'm working in this industry, staying busy and getting paid.

    half of my clients i've never met and 3/4 or more i never speak a single word to. so why would i care if those people who aren't really in my life respect me or not?
  10. 93Chevy

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    I guess what I most relate to is school, because I'm fresh out. There's 3 main types of people, relevant to this situation that I've noticed.

    1. Those who honestly don't care what anybody thinks. Geeks, dorks, those who don't shower regularly.
    2. Those who care what everybody thinks. Jocks, cheerleaders, etc.
    3. Those who hold themselves to high standards, while being "secure" in who they are. They don't care what others think, but they respect themselves.

    Note: This post is probably irrelevant to the original topic. I'm merely trying to reason out my first post.

    Secondly, I do not condone stereotypes. I was just using those stereotypes for example purposes only.

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