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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1PRO, Jun 18, 2006.

  1. 1PRO

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    I think the lawn care industry as a whole is not charging the correct rates in order to grow and manage their business properly.I think that all lco's should charge a minium hourly rate world wide regardless of size or location...i mean look at the automotive industry the hourly rate is between $60.00 to $75.00 dollars an hour period dealerships are higher as technology and the cost of operating continue to rise we do not.I know that you are always going to have someone getting into the business which is good but if there is a firm hourly rate across the industry then i think it would only depend on how the company trains and maintains labor etc.This i think would stop alot of stress for everyone.

    Also i beleive that all lco's should get the same rebates on equitment, supplies and trucks as the big companies do and form a local group to commit to improveing our buying power.

  2. Jpocket

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    your right about the rates...after growing by 50% this year i have realizede that most of my rates are about 20% less than what they should be.
  3. bigjeeping

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    amen. keep preaching brother. but you're preaching to the choir :usflag:
  4. 1PRO

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    Yeah i know but it needs to happen :hammerhead:
  5. ALarsh

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    from Midwest
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    It will never happen. In fact the BIGGER companies here charge cheaper rates than the smaller ones. The small companies (1-3 trucks) here have a hard time making it work with the big companies (6-20 trucks).
  6. Sandgropher

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    The basic rate is around $60 per hour here, with the better rounds $75-$85 per hour. :)

    The worlds biggest lawnmowing franchase jims mowing charge a lot more than the average here.
  7. BSDeality

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    it never will happen in this industry. period. Why? the cost to get into lawncare is minimal, people concieve it as "easy work". there are enough lawnboys to choose from, so you have to either go the high-end quality/detail work or go with volume- average quality and price. unfortunately the prices for quality don't raise as fast as the market expenses do because of the reasons mentioned before. This industry is flawed on many levels and the problems get worse every year because of the low-cost buy in that is so attractive to many people.
  8. 1PRO

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    I under stand but people need to have an industry labor rate and it will happen if people charge a least the going rate not under cut just to get work when some one starts out all they think about is under cut the price untill they can't compete which causes a company to stay under the standard labor rates to compete but if you work the business the business will grow as far as the bigger companys they treat and pay their labor under $10.00 an hour but have so much work they dont care how it gets done just keep the hours down.
  9. lawnmaniac883

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    People will pay 60-75/hour for a mechanic to repair their car because they dont know how.
    Most people will not pay LCO's 60-75/hour to have their grass cut and leaves raked. PERIOD.
  10. 1PRO

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    The thread was started to get in put not negative remarks help improve our business not knock it back down.. what do you think the going rate should be maybe $30.00 or higher?

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